The Most Eligible Lord In London by Ella Quinn

The most eligible lord in londonBarbara’s Rating: 4 of 5 stars
Series: The Lords of London #1
Publication Date: 3/31/20
Number of Pages: 320

When you have a very determined man, a hesitant, distrusting woman, and a viper intent on spoiling the works, you have all of the makings for a great read. I loved all of the characters. Both of the main characters were very charismatic, their families were loving and supporting – and there wasn’t a bit of navel-gazing angst. It doesn’t get much better than that. The story, of course, is well-plotted, well written and engrossing.

Frederick (Frits), Lord Littleton decided to be different than the Littleton males who came before him. They all put off marriage until they absolutely had to marry in order to fill their nurseries. Frits has decided he’s ready and he’s going to embrace love and marriage with open arms. Granted, he really screwed things up last season – he didn’t mean to – he just panicked. Now, it is a new season and he’s back to try again. Will society accept him back after what he did? Goodness, he surely hopes so. Especially after he sees a pair of soft gray eyes that glitter like silver. Oh my, he is totally smitten. Is the previous season already repeating itself before it has even begun?

Lady Adeline Wivenly has just arrived in London for her first season. London might prove to be exciting and interesting, but she’d far rather be in the country. She quickly makes four good friends – Lady Dorie Calthorp, Lady Augusta Vivers, Miss Featherton, and Miss Stern. The ladies all make pledges to protect each other throughout the season – especially from rogues. Adeline is especially wary because her brother was an infamous rake and she isn’t going to trust any man she even thought might be a rake. Especially that handsome, intriguing man she had just met – the one who broke her friend Dorie’s heart last season.

Everyone who knows Frits and Adeline knows they were made for each other. Frits knows they were made for each other. Adeline – no, she doesn’t think so. She doesn’t trust Frits as far as she can see him and he hurt her friend, so she’ll be polite because she has to be, but she’ll also be aloof and cool to him. And she is! But when she overhears another woman plotting to trap Frits into marriage, her sense of honor just won’t allow her to ignore it. She has to warn him.

I hope you’ll read and enjoy this story as much as I did. There is humor, intensity, romance, and a healthy dose of a large and lovable canine. The whole thing is just a fun read that will keep you flippin’ those pages as fast as you can.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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