The Stolen Letter by Paige Shelton

The Stolen Letter (Scottish Bookshop Mystery)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Scottish Bookshop Mystery #5
Publication Date: 4/7/20
Number of Pages: 304

I thoroughly enjoyed this complex, intricately woven, fun story. I love that there is just the tiniest tad of the paranormal in the series – not enough you’d hardly notice, but it adds a fun bit to the story. I’ve loved Delaney from the beginning when she was in the US and found the intriguing advertisement for a position at a lovely Scottish bookshop – and the series was off and running. This can certainly be read as a standalone book, but to really understand Delaney and her relationship to all of the folks in Scotland you really will want to read from the beginning.

Delaney is so very, very excited. She and Tom have just returned from their glorious two-week honeymoon on the continent and she’s headed back to the very best job at the very best place in the whole world. She adores the bookshop, The Cracked Spine, at which she works, and her co-workers are more family than not. As she’s on her way and happily anticipating seeing everyone, she bumps into an older lady – literally. But – WHOA – that lady looks exactly like an older version of Delaney – they could be mother and daughter.

Delaney, Tom, and Rosie are invited to the woman’s home for dinner – and what a dinner it is. The lady, Mary Stewart, believes that she was Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, in another life – and her home is a replica of a castle. Delaney senses some tension among Mary’s family members, but nothing really overt. When Mary’s husband, Henry, dies in an explosion the next day – well – the mystery gets started in full.

There are unhappy things going on at the bookshop as well. Can the two be related? Why would they be? Stranger things have happened though. Edwin is enigmatic as always, Tom is handsome and supportive, Rosie is sweet, Hamlet is smart, and Inspector Winters is respectful. Can this crew solve both mysteries? How will Tom’s ex-girlfriend fit into the picture? Can she and Delaney become friends? Oh – you’ll have to read the story to find all the answers.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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