The Making of a Highlander by Elisa Braden

The Making of a Highlander (Midnight in Scotland, #1)The Making of a Highlander by Elisa Braden

Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Midnight in Scotland #1

Release Date: April 14, 2020

“Mad” Annie Tulloch has lost someone precious to her and believes the only way to get them back is to marry a lord. She was raised by her highlander step-father Angus MacPherson and his four brawny sons – they love Annie, but the self-proclaimed Scottish hoyden knows she will need help if she wants to learn to be a lady.

John Huxley inherited a castle and land from his business partner and wants to sell it – but water rights are in question and his neighbor Angus MacPherson will not cooperate. Angus wants the land and John promised his friend he wouldn’t sell to Angus. Instead they make a wager – Angus will sign off on the rights if John can beat the MacPhersons at an event at the Highland Games. A feat that seems impossible until a Scottish hoyden offers to train him in exchange for “Lady Lessons”.

John is at first wary – Annie would not be the first woman of his acquaintance that wants to marry a lord and as he has been the victim of more than one scheming female he is not sure he can trust her. But since she is not aware he has a title, she assures him that she wouldn’t consider him for marriage and they strike a deal. But soon this unlikely pair develop a deep bond and John proves himself to be a hero time and again, leaving Annie to wonder if his love is worth giving up her quest.

I loved this story, it has the perfect balance of humor, emotion and drama. I loved John and Annie, they are wonderful characters, both strong and shaped by their past experiences – neither was looking for love, but it is clear that they are meant to be and they will each have to overcome something to be together. And when they do come together, it is truly magical. This book has it all, secrets, vendettas, heartache, laugh out loud moments, a heroine who can manage a houseful of highlanders, a hero who will make you wish you were Annie, steamyish love scenes, great secondary characters, cameos from the Huxley sisters (Rescued from Ruin series) and their spouses, a bit of paranormal action and finally a HEA complete with an epilogue. I really enjoyed this story and happily recommend this book. It is the first in a new series, but if you read the Rescued from Ruin series, John will not be a stranger to you and you will get the added bonus of a Huxley reunion in the epilogue!

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