The Highlander’s Dare by Eliza Knight

The Highlander's Dare (Midsummer Knights, #3)The Highlander’s Dare by Eliza Knight

Tracy’s rating: 4.5/5 of 5 stars

Series: Midsummer Knights, #3

Release Date: May 12, 2020

4.5 stars rounded up

Lady Clara de Montfort was sent to the Rose Citadel in England to marry Baston Ross, a match that was arranged by her mother and her aunt’s husband, Prince John of England. Clara has no desire to weed and wants nothing more than to return home to Normandy with her pets and her ailing father. But she can’t refuse to wed Baston and risk angering her mother and uncle, so she hatches a plan, she will convince Baston Ross that he doesn’t want to marry her – easier said than done…

Graham Sutherland’s clan is starving and when the Ross clan refused to help them and instead aided their enemies, Graham convinces his twin brother Cormac, the chieftain of the Sutherland clan, to retaliate by stealing the wealthy brides that Brodie and Baston Ross are supposed to marry at the end of the tournament at the Rose Citadel. Each woman is dowered with enough wealth to save their people for many years to come. While neither brother is thrilled about marrying – the prospect of saving their people AND sticking it to the Ross clan is just too tempting to pass up.

They finally arrive at the tournament and it is clear that the brothers will not be fighting over the same woman – Clara draws Graham’s eye immediately and her attitude seals the deal – Graham wastes no time capturing her attention and the two soon form a friendship of sorts – but Clara believes that Graham doesn’t want to marry her, she thinks he just hates Baston and is willing to help her to annoy him. Things are going well between them, but Baston is just as determined as ever to wed Clara – their worst-case scenario is for Graham to “ruin” her, but he balks at the idea, even though he has no problem kissing her. He realizes he loves her, but when she overhears his conversation with Cormac, boasting that he will marry her, their HEA might be over before it even begins.

This was a well written, fast paced story with a fun, light writing style. Graham and Clara are both very likeable and are clearly meant for each other and don’t let things fester between them, the conflict isn’t drawn out and just makes the story a joy to read. There are wonderful secondary characters, steamy love scenes, some drama and a villain you almost want to like. I really enjoyed this book and am happy to recommend it.

While this book is the third installment of an author collaboration series and runs concurrently with the previous book (Madeline Martin’s The Highlander’s Lady Knight – which is about Graham’s brother Cormac and his lady), you do not have to read that book to enjoy this one, but if you are wondering about Cormac and Isolde, be sure to check it out.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me.*

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