A Bewitching Governess by Patricia Rice

A Bewitching Governess (School of Magic, #2)Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: School of Magic #2
Publication Date: 5/26/20
Number of Pages: 339

I have loved every book I’ve ever read featuring the Malcolms. What an intrepid and intriguing lot they are! In the first book, Lessons In Enchantment, we met most, if not all, of the characters in this book. I loved Olivia and Simon – she’s the calm port in his storm and he’s the strength and courage she needs. When you add all those lovely children into the mix, you have an absolutely delightful read. Additionally, we get to meet the stars of the next book – and that seems like a really intriguing match!

In the previous book, we learned of The Association and their controlling and manipulative ways. Nothing is beyond them – even murder and they wanted Letitia Blair and her children dead. When the Association managed to murder Letitia, Simon, her husband, went wild in grief and revenge. He placed his children in the care of his cousin Andrew and went about hunting down the murderers. Little did he know they’d still be coming after those babies. Simon, Andrew, and Phoebe (Andrew’s wife) stopped the villains but sent the children into the care of another relative until they could assure the children would be safe.

Things are safer now and Simon is collecting his children – and what a trip it has been. Then he meets the very disapproving governess and his temper flares. You see, Letitia had ‘gifts’ and she passed ‘gifts’ along to her children as well. Simon wanted to stamp out those gifts – deny them – but here was this governess teaching them how to use them. He certainly doesn’t want that wicked woman around his children.

Olivia has fallen in love with the children in her care and wants very much to teach them how to control their gifts so they don’t harm themselves or others – and so they don’t inadvertently use them and call unwanted attention to themselves. What a drunken oaf their father is! How can she turn these lovely children over to him when he is in total denial of their gifts?

Simon and Olivia circle each other each bound and determined to have their own way. Then the trouble starts and things get dangerous. Can Olivia and Simon work together to keep themselves and the children safe? Can they thwart the villains? Can they prove that oil and water do mix? You’ll just have to read this delightful tale to find out that and more.

I highly recommend this author, this series, and this book. It is well-written, well-plotted, well-paced, and filled with delightful characters you’ll quickly love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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