Dazzled at the Wedding by Kate Pearce, Ava Stone & Nicole Locke

Dazzled at the Wedding

Tracy’s rating: 3 of 5 stars

Series: A Summer Wedding at Castle Keyvnor, #1

Release Date: May 22, 2020

Another three Castle Keyvnor novellas filled with magic and mayhem.

A Storm in a Teacup by Kate Pearce – 2.5 stars – This is the story of Hezekiah God is My Strength, King of Judah Makepeace, former tutor to the groom Lord Locryn , a man with no family who is terrified of the sea and Malakia “Mally” Clovelly the beautiful tavern wench at the inn, who happens to be a water nymph and believes Hezekiah is her destined mate but how can he be since she can’t live without the sea and he hates it?? This novella confused me from page one – there is a prologue, but it doesn’t feature either character from the novella – then when the story starts, I felt like I should know things – things I had no way of knowing. I tried to fill in blanks, but I just felt lost. This novella is the steamiest of the three and if I had known more about Hezekiah’s past that I would have enjoyed it more.

Once Upon a Midsummer Dream by Ava Stone – 4 stars – This novella was a sweet story of Garrett Hillyard, Duke of Markham who lost his beloved wife and Miss Frances Dallimore, the woman who helps him move past his grief and find love again. Add in his sweet but hoydenish daughters, pixies, gypsies, and ghosts and you have a fun novella!

Captured by Fate by Nicole Locke – 3 stars – Lieutenant Lord Hugh Fenton, Baron Fenton has arrived in Bocka Morrow to attend his friend Lord Locryn’s wedding and to finally fulfill his uncle’s last wishes – years have passed since they had spoken and Hugh still hasn’t really forgiven his uncle for choosing the fae over him. He arrives at the cottage and is greeted by a woman who clearly believes Hugh should know who she is – he has no idea and can’t get in the cottage – vowing to return with an axe – he leaves – the next day he returns and the woman is there again – Abigail Angove was friends with Peter Fenton – Hugh’s uncle and has been waiting for months for him to arrive – she is also someone who helps people with problems with the fae – problems that have turned dark in the Fenton cottage! This was a nice story, but I didn’t really feel the romance and had a hard time believing they were in love.

This was a decent anthology – I love all three of these authors and have enjoyed their previous works and I liked this collection, but this book is not my favorite in the Castle Keyvnor series.

I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me

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