My Highland Rogue by Karen Ranney

My Highland Rogue (Highland Fling, #1)My Highland Rogue by Karen Ranney

Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Highland Fling, #1

Release Date: July 28, 2020

Lady Jennifer Adaire, the daughter of the Earl of Burfield, has loved the gardener’s son, Gordon McDonnell for as long as she can remember and she had dreams of forever. But five years ago, her dreams were crushed when Gordon disappeared without a trace. Her brother Harrison, the new earl, tells her that their mother left him money and he took it and ran. But that is not quite true…

Gordon left Adaire Hall after receiving a bequest from the late countess and being told that he was no longer welcome. He argued that Jennifer didn’t want him to leave and was told she no longer wanted to see him and was shown proof. With a heavy heart and a burning need to prove himself, Gordon goes to London and proceeds to build an empire. Two years after he left, Jennifer sends him a letter telling him his mother passed away – he is sorry that Betty died, but he was never close to his parents and sees no reason to return to Scotland. But when she writes again three years later to tell him his father, Sean is dying, he decides it is time to return and face his past.

They quickly learn that they were lied to and have lost five years because of those lies. Their feelings haven’t changed and they are still in love. Gordon asks Jennifer to marry him and she happily accepts, it seems like their HEA is finally within their grasp when a deathbed confession changes everything and destroys every dream they ever had about being together. Sean’s secret seems insurmountable, but Sean is not the only one keeping secrets…

This was a very well written, fast paced story with extra helpings of angst and heartache! I loved Jennifer and Gordon and my heart broke right along with theirs when Sean told Gordon the secret he had been keeping since his wife Betty died. I was absolutely devasted and couldn’t imagine how they were going to be able to overcome such an enormous obstacle! But Ms. Ranney, as usual, cleverly found the perfect way to give them their HEA. The book is teeming with secrets, lies, heartbreak, lots of tears, sweet kisses, some wonderful secondary characters, as well as some villainous ones, and finally a hard-won HEA. I truly loved this story and would happily recommend it. This is the first book in a new series – but sadly, Ms. Ranney passed away before this book was released and I have to wonder if this is her last book.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review of an eARC that was provided to me by the publisher.*

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4 thoughts on “My Highland Rogue by Karen Ranney

      1. I looked online last night and found it. So sad. It was weird how her blog stopped suddenly, because she was very active till May. My thoughts are with her son, her only family left. And her dog.

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    1. I didn’t know Karen passed away, fantastic writer, I worked with Karen for a while a beautiful person with rare talents, she once told me, if you are not careful you will end up in one of my books.

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