The Last Mrs. Summers by Rhys Bowen

The Last Mrs. Summers (Her Royal Spyness, #14)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Royal Spyness #14
Publication Date: 8/4/20
Number of Pages: 304

I always look forward to Georgie’s next adventure because you never know what she’ll get herself into. While I enjoyed this read, it was my least favorite so far – not sure why. Maybe there was too little Darcy or maybe it just didn’t seem to ‘ring true’ to the series – I’m not sure, but I am pretty sure the problem was mine and not the book.

Georgie and Darcy are home from their African honeymoon and Darcy is headed back to work for the Crown. At Georgie’s urging, he turned down a desk job and is headed back to the field. Georgie encouraged it because she knew he loved his work and wouldn’t be happy with a desk job. However, she is now presented with the fact that he has to leave on an assignment and he cannot tell her where he is going nor how long he’ll be gone. She’s at loose ends and has no idea what to do with herself, so she heads to London to meet up with her friend and to see her grandfather. Bummer – the friends aren’t in town and her grandfather has new tasks to see to as well. So – now what is she to do. Well, hang on to your hats because she’s off on a most unexpected adventure.

As she is returning home, having walked from the train station, she is almost run down by a speeding, very sporty, shiny new, red, Aston Martin Le Mans – named Brutus. Brutus is being driven by Georgie’s good friend Belinda who has just returned from Paris where she had studied clothing design with none other than Chanel. Belinda is excited because her grandmother’s will has finally been settled and she is now a very rich lady. Belinda also inherited a small cottage in Cornwall and she wants Georgie to go with her to check it out. She fondly remembers one property her grandmother owned there, but her grandmother sold it years ago, and she has absolutely no clue about the small cottage called White Sails.

And … the adventure begins. When the cottage turns out to be all but uninhabitable, they are at a loss because in this part of the country, finding a place to stay is near impossible. Then – their fortunes change when an old ‘friend’ recognizes Belinda and asks them to stay with her and her new husband for a few days. Belinda and Georgie are very hesitant – especially once Belinda learns the husband’s name – but it is almost impossible to refuse the invitation.

There is, of course, a murder, and then another, and hints of one from years ago. The house is forbidding even though the host and hostess are not. Something is definitely amiss in the household, tensions are thick, but nothing obvious – at first.

Given that the book-blurb likens the book to a Daphne du Marier murder, you immediately know who the villain is. What you don’t know is why or how. You especially don’t know why that villain might want to harm Belinda by causing her to be arrested for murder. You’ll find the answers to all of that as you move through the story to its exciting end.

I was so afraid the author was going to commit one of my cardinal sins – making me really like a character before killing them off. Luckily, it didn’t happen, because I have a really hard time liking a book after that happens. I didn’t dislike the victim but wasn’t in love with them either.

I really enjoyed the read and hope you will as well!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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