A Deception At Thornecrest by Ashley Weaver

A Deception at Thornecrest (Amory Ames #7)<a Barbara’s rating: 3.5/4 of 5 stars
** 3.5 Stars Rounded Up **
Series: Amory Ames #7
Publication Date: 9/8/20
Number of Pages: 288

This author and series are both new to me and I enjoyed the read. Even though this is the seventh book in the series, I had no trouble with reading it as a standalone. Of course, I always become curious about the characters when I begin a series that I enjoy, so I have every intention of going back and reading the earlier books in the series. The main reason I want to read the earlier books is to see the history between Milo and Amory. I didn’t care much for Milo in this book and there were many, many, many hints that he might have been a womanizer during the earlier years of their marriage. If that is the case, I’m not sure whether I’ll continue or not unless there is some grand resurrection of him. While he didn’t appear to be a womanizer any longer, he still felt pretty cold to me in general. So, I fully intend to read at least the first book before I decide whether to continue with the series.

I enjoyed the mystery. It was well-written with plenty of red herrings to make you wonder whodunit. I always hate when the author introduces me to the victim and makes me like them before killing them off – and that is the case here. Well – I liked one of the victims anyway and that made me sad – especially as I learned of his hopes and dreams. Not everyone is who they appear to be and those who are, are hiding secrets. It is interesting to see Amory investigate and uncover those secrets and arrive at the conclusion to the murderer. I did think that came a bit out of left field – just all of a sudden, she had the answer.

Amory and Milo are at their country estate, Thornecrest, awaiting the birth of their first child – only a month to go. Amory is at home alone one morning when she has a caller who insists she is Mrs. Milo Ames. Amory is sure the woman has been duped and she’s sure Milo isn’t the one who duped her – but she does have to wonder just a bit. Later, a second visitor appears and the deception is solved.

When a horse trainer who works for both Milo and Lady Alma Bedford is found, dead, in a field at the Springtide Festival, it doesn’t take much to figure out that he was murdered. Since the young man had recently been involved in an altercation with a newcomer, there was an immediate suspect. When further incriminating evidence was conveniently found and the suspect was arrested, Amory thought it was just too easy, too pat. Against Milo’s wishes, Amory begins to investigate. When another murder that is obviously related happens, the suspect is released – but Amory continues her investigation. She learns more and more secrets that are held by some of the most respected people in the town – things she didn’t wish to know – but she had to learn all she could in order to identify the murderer. You’ll be surprised at the resolution.

I enjoyed the mystery portion of this book. It was interesting and the red herrings were believable – for the most part. What I didn’t enjoy was Milo and the relationship between him and Amory. I will read the first book in the series to see if I can begin to understand it better – but – well – bottom line is that I need a good romance to go along with my mysteries and I’m not sure this is a good romance. Of course, some things happened in this book that might make me change my mind once I read Book 8 in the series. Yes, I know this is probably a good representation of a ‘real-life’ marriage – but I read to get away from the ‘real-life’ things. Anyway, I intend to read Book 1 in the series and then maybe Book 8 when it comes out and will decide whether to continue from there.

If the mystery is what you are after, then this will be right down your alley. It is interesting and populated with unique characters. I will definitely try more books in the series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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