Heavenfield by L.J. Ross

Heavenfield  (DCI Ryan Mysteries, #3)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: DCI Ryan Mysteries #3
Publication Date: 3/4/16
Number of Pages: 266

I have definitely become a fan of this series. I came to it late – with the sixteenth book – but I enjoyed that one so much that I’ve been reading the earlier books. I’m skipping all around in the series, so I can assure you that you can read each book as a standalone. The characters are consistent from book-to-book, and references are made to happenings in previous books, but you don’t have to have read those books in order to enjoy the book you are reading. The books are basically police procedurals, but the crimes are definitely of the sensational variety – as in cults, psychotic murderers, etc.

I listened to the audiobook version and enjoyed the narration. I like the narrator’s smooth voice, but all of his accents – English, Irish, Scottish, etc. all seemed to sound the same. He also used guttural voices to accentuate the accents and I didn’t feel that helped at all. His delivery was well-paced.

The heinous cult, The Circle, is back and strange things are happening. The Circle has tentacles in every profession and walk of life – at every level. You never know if the person with whom you are speaking is a member of The Circle or not. That means Ryan and his team have to tread very carefully and keep everything tightly contained within their single team. Heaven only knows how many members of CID are also members of The Circle. They are pretty sure of one, Detective Chief Superintendent Arthur Gregson, but does it go even higher than him?

DCI Ryan is on administrative leave after the events of the last case. DCS Gregson is bound and determined to see Ryan lose his job over these trumped-up charges. Can he do it? Ryan’s hearing will come up soon, but in the meantime, he’s totally sidelined. When Ryan is discovered at the scene of a murder, with blood on his hands, he becomes the chief suspect in that as well. Well – he’s DCS Gregson’s chief suspect – Ryan’s team knows he isn’t guilty.

When more murders happen, and Gregson himself is attacked, things really get busy. It will take Ryan and all of his team’s best efforts – with the help of Dr. Anna Taylor – to finally put an end to The Circle and all of the misery associated with it.

The ending was exciting and all of the explanations wrapped up the loose ends. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.

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