A Cup of Cheer by Deb Marlowe

A Cup of Cheer (A Series of Unconventional Courtships Book 4)A Cup of Cheer by Deb Marlowe

Tracy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: A Series of Unconventional Courtships, #4

Release Date: December 10, 2020

Alexander Edgerton, the Earl of Chester has spent years pursuing pleasure and thinking only of himself, but when he fails to collect his ward, Charles Edgerton (his late cousin’s son) on time and the boy goes missing, Chester knows he needs to change. Unsure where Charlie has gotten to, Chester seeks help from his grandmother, but knowing she is going to read him the riot act, he stops in the local tavern for a cup of cheer, to fortify himself. More than a little tipsy, he sets out for his grandmother’s cottage and gets way more than he bargained for! Knocked down by the very boy he is looking for, he barely has a moment to register when he is confronted by what surely must be a goddess and passes out.

Life has not been easy for Miss Julia Deering, her mother died when she was young and she was raised by her brilliant but preoccupied father. Her father was a scholar who taught and tutored young men, he didn’t skimp in Julia’s education, but fell short in many other ways. As a result, when he died, she was left to the mercy of his colleagues – thankfully, she was able to escape to Half Moon Street and Harriet quickly found her a position with the dowager Countess of Chester. Julia is shocked at her reaction to Chester – never has she been attracted to a man, but Chester is everything she never knew she wanted and want him she does!

Together these two form a friendship and soon begin to long for more, but before they can even think of a future, Chester needs to deal with his past and Julia needs to learn to trust again. Hopefully, with a bit of matchmaking help from Charlie and the Countess, they will be able to get their HEA!

I thought this was a nice, feel-good read with wonderful characters and a very sweet HEA. The book is a long novella and is paced well, but I wish I had more backstory on Chester from the beginning since it is pretty late in the book that the reader learns what set him on the path of selfish pleasure. The romance is subtle and the love scenes are kisses only, so if you prefer low/no heat romance – you are in for a treat! This is the fourth book in the series and there is a mention of the previous couples and a cameo with Whiddon (the last man standing), but you can absolutely read this installment as a standalone title with no issues at all. I enjoyed this book and would happily recommend it!

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