The Debutante and the Duke by Collette Cameron

The Debutante and the Duke (Seductive Scoundrels #11)
Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Seductive Scoundrels #11
Publication: 1/19/21
Number of Pages: 129

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Fletcher and Rayne (don’t you love that name?). They are lovely characters who each have background issues that make trust more difficult for them. While it is difficult to fully flesh out characters and their issues in such a short book, I think the author has done a nice job of helping us to know Rayne and Fletcher. Their issues are more in the background and the story is focused, front and center, on the romance. I LOVE how Fletcher dealt with his mother! I thought, FINALLY, a character who deals effectively with a vile, hateful, self-centered, selfish parent. Way to go Fletcher!

Rayne Wellbrook is the daughter of a soldier and an opera singer. Her father passed away when Rayne was very young and then she later lost her mother. The guardian who was appointed (her uncle) for her was less than savory and Rayne quickly learned how to be on guard – especially when her guardian had guests. When both her guardian and his son died, Rayne came to be the ward of her guardian’s wife – because she had nowhere else to go. Rayne isn’t your typical, in-your-face, independent heroine, she is, to me, much better because she has a quiet inner strength that shines through everything she does. She is amazed to be rubbing elbows with the ton when she is a commoner. She isn’t ashamed of her roots – and doesn’t lie about them – but she doesn’t advertise the fact either.

Fletcher McQuinton, Duke of Kincade, is a Scottish Duke, and he neither likes nor respects those in the ton – with the exception of maybe half-a-dozen of his contemporaries. His reason for despising the English? His mother is English and she left her husband and three children in Scotland to return to England. She is selfish, self-centered, demanding, overbearing, and has no thought for anyone other than herself. Fletcher isn’t opposed to marriage itself – he is opposed to marrying someone who is English – someone who is like his mother. When he marries, it will be a good solid Scottish woman.

When Rayne trespasses into Fletcher’s garden, they are both going to end up with their beliefs and fears challenged. Fletcher finds himself liking the young woman very much and Rayne finds she isn’t fearful in Fletcher’s company. Their journey to their HEA is a lovely one and the epilogue is the absolute perfect wrap-up for the story.

I hope you’ll choose to meet Rayne and Fletcher by reading this book – and that you’ll love it as much as I did.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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