A Lady’s Trust by Callie Hutton

A Lady's Trust (The Rose Room Rogues Book 2)A Lady’s Trust by Callie Hutton
Barbara’s rating: 3.5/4 of 5 stars

Series: The Rose Room Rogues #2
Publication Date: 3/16/21
*** 3.5 Stars Rounded Up ***

I LOVED the Rose brothers when I first met them in A Scandalous Portrait and this lovely addition to the series just further cements that. Driscoll is a delight and for his HEA to drop into a second-story window of the Rose Room, almost into his lap, is just the right thing.

The Rose Room is the most exclusive gambling hell in London – maybe even all of England – and it is owned by three brothers. Sebastian Rose (Hunt), the Earl of Huntington, isn’t exactly a silent partner, but he isn’t involved in the day-to-day running of the hell since that would reflect upon his title. Driscoll Rose is a mathematical genius who keeps the books and does the hiring for the club. Dante Rose is a by-blow who was fully acknowledged by his father and was raised alongside Hunt and Driscoll. Dante was always laid-back, cool, calm, and collected. He handled those delicate situations that were about to turn sour. Oh – and lest I forget – all three were also agents for the Crown.

Driscoll Rose spends all of his time working – either at the Rose Room or on missions for the Crown. He is definitely NOT a rake, he doesn’t keep a mistress or use light skirts. He isn’t celibate, but he isn’t a profligate either. He’s working on the Rose Room’s books late one night when he hears a thump – then another thump. As he investigates, he sees a slim, waif of a lad who has just dropped into the room from the window. Or…is it?

Lady Amelia is running for her life, almost literally. She ran away with nothing except the clothes on her back – and those weren’t even her own. With no money, no clothes, nothing she can sell, and no friends in London she is in real trouble. When the skies open and nearly drown her, she seeks refuge inside an open window that is near enough to a tree branch that she can just make it in. She’s watched the window and is sure the room is empty. Or…is it?

Driscoll is intrigued by the young woman and is sure she is in serious trouble because he is positive she is a Lady and ONLY dire circumstances would have a Lady running around London unchaperoned, dressed as a boy, and climbing into windows. He can’t let her go back out into the storm – and right into the arms of trouble. What can he do? Well, he can offer her a job in the club.

Amelia gives a false name and will tell Driscoll nothing of her problem. After all, he is a male and she’s learned males cannot be trusted. When her trouble finds her again, and she ends up right back in those dire straits, Driscoll has no information to help him search for her. It takes all of the combined efforts of the Rose brothers to rescue Amelia so she and Driscoll can get their HEA.

I loved both Driscoll and Amelia and their story is a lovely one. The only thing I didn’t love was that the villain – and believe me he was one of the vilest – not only didn’t get any punishment, he got REWARDED. I absolutely detest it when that happens in a book.

I can definitely recommend this book – and I would read it again – except if I read it again, in my head I’d rewrite what happens to the villain.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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