You’ve Got Plaid by Eliza Knight

You've Got Plaid (Prince Charlie's Angels, #3)You’ve Got Plaid by Eliza Knight

Tracy’s rating: 3 of 5 stars

Series: Prince Charlie’s Angels. #3

Release Date: May 25, 2021

Years ago, Fiona MacBean along with her two best friends pledged their undying support to restore the rightful king to Scotland’s throne and have spent the years since living up to that pledge. Fiona with her gift of blending in and gathering information has acted as Prince Charlie’s personal messenger for years – earning her the sobriquet of The Phantom. Now with the battle of Culloden upon them, there is no way Fiona won’t be there – regardless of what her brother has ordered. The battle is a massacre and Fiona is worried for the safety of the prince and makes her way to Culloden House to make sure he escaped Cumberland’s wrath. But the prince is long gone when she arrives and it this there that she meets Brogan Grant and his small band of men.

Brogan has also come to Culloden House to ensure the prince is safe, but instead, he finds the feisty Fiona MacBean. He knows it is not safe for any Jacobite right now, especially a woman. He tells Fiona to go home and offers to escort her, but she makes it clear that she has work to do and doesn’t need his interference. But Brogan insists, he will accompany her on her mission and then escort her home – a plan Fiona appears to agree with. But when they learn that Cumberland has ordered his men to kill any remaining Jacobite supporters, she knows that she must warn her friends and contacts and she must do it alone. She sneaks away from camp and sets out on her own. At first, Brogan is upset and wants to find her, but then realizes that he really has no chance to tracking her down and instead sets out with his men to find the prince.

Weeks pass and again their paths cross, and after a deadly confrontation with the vile Captian Boyd, Fiona agrees to travel with Brogan to find the prince and even agrees to a “fake marriage” with Brogan to protect her during the journey. A dangerous adventure that will have them chasing the prince all over the highlands.

This was a very interesting read, that was it was more historical fiction than romance in my opinion – but it was a well-written, gripping read that was very hard to put down. The book is filled with heartache, graphic battle/fight scenes, betrayal, loss, warm love scenes, wonderful secondary characters, a strong, likable hero, an independent heroine, and a very sweet dog. Personally, I was not a fan of the ending, I felt it was a bit melodramatic for no good reason and that this book 100% needed an epilogue. As historical fiction, this was a solid 4-star read, but as a romance, I found it lacking – I didn’t feel the love between Fiona and Brogan developing, there was attraction, but that was also a serious lack of trust that caused them to doubt each other too many times for me to believe they were truly “in love”. This is the third book and final book in the series, but it could be read as a standalone title with no problems.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that I requested and was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own. *

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