Captivating The Countess by Patricia Rice

Captivating the Countess (School of Magic, #6)Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: School of Magic #6
Publication Date: 7/13/21
Period: Victorian
Number of Pages: 303

There is just something entrancing about this author’s Malcolm and Ives families. She has based several series upon the combination of families and every one of them is bewitching. 😊 I am not normally a fan of paranormal anything, but each Malcolm and Ives series has mesmerized me. 😊 This is the final (I believe) book in the School of Magic series and it was a wonderful finale. While we didn’t spend time visiting all of the characters from the previous books in the series, we did get to learn what was going on with them. We did get to spend time with the lead characters from the previous book, Entrancing the Earl, and I loved getting to see how they were faring – especially since the leads in that book are the twin sister and best friend to the leads in this book.

Lady Isobel (Bell) Malcolm Ross is a countess in her own right. She also hears ghosts and faints whenever she is startled by anything. Her Scottish estate, Craigmore, is cash strapped because her profligate step-father laid waste to everything before she was old enough and smart enough to help her twin sister, Iona, deal with him. When the elder, prescient, Malcolm’s told her she was needed at Castle Yates, the Duke of Somersville’s estate she was happy for part of the news. The ladies couldn’t tell her why she was needed there, but there was a position available for her there as a steward. Bell wanted to earn her keep so she didn’t continue to drain her own estate. Almost as soon as she walked in the door, she learned why the elders sent her – there was a ghost who insisted Bell should help save her son, the current duke. Bell has no medical abilities, so how is she supposed to help save the duke. Unless … Is she like her sister Iona who has the ability to enhance her husband’s abilities? If so, whose abilities is she supposed to enhance?

Jasper Winchester, Marquess of Rainford (Rain), keeps himself under very tight control. It is a survival mechanism learned over the years because of his odd, loud, unusual, boisterous, eccentric family. After all, someone in the family had to have a level head and present a sane family face to the world. Rain has buried his feelings so deep he isn’t even aware they are there anymore. So, it is no wonder the world views him as icy, cold, and unfeeling. Rain is a healer, as is his father. However, there is a vast difference between the two – his father has a healing ability and Rain does not. His father is very ill, dying to tell the truth, and Rain can do nothing to save him. Not only that, if Rain doesn’t marry prior to his father’s death, the estate will be split – Rain will have the title and entailed estates, but his cousin Teddy will receive all of the money. With a close-knit family that wouldn’t be a problem, but Teddy is very immature and would plow through the family money in no time. Even if Rain marries today – which he can’t do because his fiancé ran away with his steward – he still has to produce an heir within five years or the money will still go to Teddy.

Rain craves peace, quiet, and tranquility. Bell craves peace, quiet, and tranquility. Neither of them is finding it with Rain’s ghostly grandmother haunting the Castle, trying to possess Bell, and insisting she help save the Duke. Will Rain and Bell be able to save the Duke, appease Rain’s grandmother, and find their HEA amidst the chaos that is Castle Yates? You’ll just have to read this wonderfully well-written, well-researched, witty, and romantic book to find out.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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