Heart of the Highlands: The Raven by April Holthaus

Heart of the Highlands: The RavenHeart of the Highlands: The Raven by April Holthaus
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Series: Protectors of the Crown #3
Publication Date: 8/1/21
Period: Medieval Scotland (1529)
Number of Pages: 215
*** 3.5 Stars ***

Adelyn Scott was forced into a marriage she didn’t want. The Englishman she was forced to marry, Lord Langton, was a cruel, promiscuous man with many enemies. When he was murdered on their wedding night, Adelyn was immediately blamed. Knowing she was innocent, but sure she’d be hung for the murder, Adelyn fled north to Scotland where she’d seek sanctuary with her cousin King James.

Eamon MacLeish is the personal protector of the king, his trusted advisor, and his friend. Eamon has pledged his fealty to King James and is his staunchest supporter. However, there is more to Eamon than meets the eye – and his dedication to the king will be sorely tested before the story ends.

The attraction between Eamon and Adelyn is strong and immediate. Eamon cannot afford any entanglements, but the draw toward Adelyn is strong and unyielding. When Adelyn is in danger, Eamon will have to make a choice between serving his king and saving the woman he loves.

While this is the third book in the series, it is actually the prequel for the series. It nicely sets up the need for the Protectors of the Crown and introduces the male protagonists in the first two books of the series. This is why the order of this book just didn’t make sense to me. If you decide to read this series, read book three first and then go to book one.

This story was just a straightforward story with little real excitement and the characters don’t just jump off the page and sizzle. The characters’ backstories are interesting and the ending is unexpected. The romance is the focus of the story with very little emphasis on the mystery of Adelyn’s husband’s murder.

This was a nice read, but a bit slow-paced and lacking real excitement. I liked the characters and am happy to have met them. It is the strong attraction and commitment of the lead characters that make the tale enjoyable.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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