Vortex by Catherine Coulter

Vortex (FBI Thriller #25)Barbara’s Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Series: FBI Thriller #25
Publication Date: 8/10/21
Period: Contemporary Washington DC & New York
Number of Pages: 400

I always look forward to the next release in this series and I am absolutely never disappointed. This book, as always, was well-written, well-plotted, well-delivered, and had engaging and relatable characters. We follow Sherlock and Savich as they wade through the clues and solve two different cases. The cases are very different and both are very interesting.

Sherlock’s case with Mia/Thomas/Julia

I quickly came to admire Mia Briscoe. She is so very brave and once she gets her first clue, she is doggedly determined to solve the mystery of what happened to her best friend seven years ago. Serena disappeared without a trace from a frat party she and Mia had attended, and there hasn’t been a trace of her or what happened since then. Then, out of the blue, a blurry picture is unearthed and it sets everything in motion. Mia does most of the investigation on her own and Sherlock isn’t involved until closer to the end of the case – once Mia has nearly been murdered. Mia has many obstacles in her path – some of those obstacles are very rich, powerful, politically inclined, families. You’ll love Mia and those she enlists to help her and you’ll love the way the case unfolds and wraps up.

Savich’s case with Olivia

When a foreign national tries to murder CIA agent Olivia Hildebrandt, the case falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI – particularly Agent Dillon Savich, head of the Criminal Apprehension Unit. To say the CIA is unhappy with that turn of events is putting it lightly. The CIA’s unhappiness doesn’t faze Savich in the least and he proceeds to protect Olivia and solve the case of the missing CIA agent, Mike Kingman, and the flash drive he carried. The CIA is inclined to believe Kingman is a traitor and has stolen the flash drive, but Olivia is absolutely sure that isn’t the case – and Savich believes Olivia. What is on that drive that is worth a foreign entity hunting down and murdering a CIA operative? Is there a traitor in the CIA? Who compromised the mission to retrieve the flash drive? Leave it to Savich and his intrepid crew to solve it all and see to the appropriate punishment.

I can highly recommend this book and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. Have you read all of the books in the series? For a while, the author made much use of Savich’s ‘sixth sense’, but that hasn’t been mentioned in the last several books. I have to wonder if that just wasn’t a popular thing or if it was just easier to write the stories with it. It certainly doesn’t detract from the stories, but – you have to wonder – if someone has a sixth sense, why wouldn’t they use it all the time?

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