A Rose for Laura by Callie Hutton

A Rose for Laura (The Rose Room Rogues, #4)Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Series: The Rose Room Rogues #4
Publication Date: 9/30/21
Period: Victorian (1892) London
Number of Pages: 241

Just so you know – I would have given this book 5-stars just for the epilogue alone! As the last book in the series, I did so want an epic epilogue – and this author delivered! We’ve seen each of the Rose brothers find their HEAs and thanks to this wonderful epilogue, we get to see where life’s journey has taken them and their families six years later. OH! Just so I don’t forget – there is a wonderful, romantic, heartwarming, and witty story that comes before that epilogue. You DEFINITELY don’t want to miss that.

Keniel Singh is of mixed origins – his mother was half Jamaican and half Indian and his father is white English. Keniel lead a comfortable life in Jamaica even though he had no idea who sired him. His mother, a gifted artist, was part of Jamaica’s aristocracy and therefore Keniel was as well. Keniel never had any issues with not knowing anything about his father, but, on her death bed, his mother told him all about his father and made him promise to find his English family. Reluctantly, Keniel made the promise and after her death, he made the journey to England. He had no intention of immediately making himself known to his English family because he wanted to assure himself that these were honorable and upright people. The best way he found to get the measure of them was to take a job in their club – The Rose Room. There is nothing like working with someone day after day to get their measure. He came to like and respect his half-brothers but was having a hard time convincing himself to tell them the truth. He intends to do so – just not yet. He is still unsure how they would react to hearing they have a multi-racial half-brother.

Miss Laura Benson is the much-loved only child of a very, very wealthy businessman. Their business ventures have given them exposure to all cultures and they have admired all of those cultures and enjoyed learning more of them. While they are not members of the ton, they are accepted by them and receive invitations to all of the best venues. Laura is growing more and more tired of the social side of the ton and therefore accepts fewer and fewer invitations. Her main focus at the moment is the children’s orphanage she and her two other committee members sponsor. The building that houses the orphanage is due to be torn down by the end of the month and she has to find a new home for the children – and fast.

The initial meeting between Keniel and Laura is priceless and you’ll read it and all of the subsequent meetings with a huge smile on your face. Laura is sweet, lovely, giving, and very forthright. Keniel is caring, handsome, and very pragmatic about his reception by London society even though he has the full support of his half-brothers. It was a delight to see Keniel and Laura find their HEA.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read and can highly recommend it. My only, only, only complaint is that we saw four very nasty women walk away from a truly despicable act without any punishment at all. Surely there was something that could have happened to them – maybe they all got the pox from the same man or something. Happy reading!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and o/pinions are my own.

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