Murder in Material Gain by Anne Cleeland

Murder in Material Gain (Doyle & Acton, #14)Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Series: Doyle and Acton #14
Publication Date: 9/26/21
Period: Contemporary London
Number of Pages: 255

I have read and loved every book in this delightfully quirky series. I love that the happy, open, honest, straight-forward Doyle always manages to throw a wrench into whatever plot the secretive Acton has in the works. Yes, the delightful duo of Doyle and Acton are here again, and it is wonderfully entertaining. The writing is always good and the mysteries are well-plotted and delivered. You could jump into the series at this point and enjoy the read, but I believe you really need to read at least the first couple of books to get a foundation for the characters – especially Acton and Doyle and their relationship. As I mentioned, the characters are quirky, and to understand them, you will probably want more background.

Doyle has never been comfortable at Trestles, Acton’s estate outside London, so she is anxious to return to their home in London. The overprotective Acton has had her cooped up so she can rest and recover from their last case. Acton knows he has to keep her occupied so she’ll stay and rest as long as possible, so he gets her to volunteer to teach a bible studies class at the local prison. Doyle is grateful but is very surprised by the action because Acton usually wouldn’t want her anywhere near the place.

While she’s sure Acton is up to something, she cannot figure out what it might be. Then, one of the inmates in the class mentions something that sets Doyle’s curiosity off. When she starts questioning it she learns there is a lot going on inside the prison – and she suspects Acton might know what it is, but he won’t share with her. Is he protecting someone? She knows he isn’t involved in it – but – he knows – he knows. Some of the people in that prison – and even in her bible class – are there because of her and Acton. Are they planning something? Is Acton’s life in danger?

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I am already looking forward to the next book in the series.

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