To Deceive a Highlander: The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle by Callie Hutton

To Deceive a Highlander: The Sutherlands of Dornoch CastleBarbara’s rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Series: The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle #1
Publication Date: 2/28/22
Period: Jacobean/Stuart Era (1653) – Scottish Highlands
Number of Pages: 187

Laird Haydon Sutherland is a man who is large and in charge! He brooks no argument; his decisions are final; he needs no advice; he knows a woman’s role is to provide bairns and keep the castle. Aren’t you already looking forward to him meeting the woman who will take him down a notch or two? If not, you certainly should be because Lady Ainslee Johnstone doesn’t take well to direction. Oil and water you say? Well, perhaps, but a lesser woman would soon become lost in the background.

With the hint of war in the air and a castle keep that needs a good mistress, Haydon decides it is time for him to wed. He doesn’t want love and affection. No, he wants a meek, mild, totally biddable wife who will do as she is ordered when she is ordered. He travels to Laird Johnstone’s to meet and arrange a betrothal with one of his twin daughters. Upon meeting them, he quickly determines that while they may look alike, that is where the similarities end. So, his choice is made almost as soon as they are introduced – it is Lady Isobel for him. She is quiet and biddable – just what he is looking for.

Lady Isobel and Lady Ainslee are very close – even for twins. They have never spent any time apart and even still share the same room though they are adults. When their father tells them of Laird Sutherland’s imminent arrival and a betrothal for one of them, they do not take it well. Typically, they each deal with the announcement in different ways. Isobel with quiet, shy, reluctant dread and Ainslee with loud, vocal, argumentative objections. When the Laird quickly chooses Isobel, Ainslee knows she has to do something to save her sister. Isobel could never withstand marriage to and life with such an arrogant oaf. The solution is simple – they are twins – they’ll just change places and Ainslee will marry Haydon. He’ll never know the difference – right?

Can they get away with it? Can Ainslee tame the savage beast? Well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out. I really liked Ainslee from the first, but I think it was Haydon who really kept me interested and reading because I couldn’t wait to see him get his comeuppance. I hope you’ll read the story and enjoy it as much as I did.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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