A Knight to Call Her Home by Margaux Thorne

A Knight To Call Her Home (Peace-Weavers Book 1)A Knight To Call Her Home by Margaux Thorne

Tracy’s rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Series: Peace-Weavers, #1

Release Date: November 2021

Hoping to appease the new king, Saxon heiress, Emma of Wakefield travels to London to pay homage to William. She hopes to pay a tithe and return home, but the Conqueror has other plans for her and her estate. Namely, Norman warrior, Hugh Fitzsimmons who has loyally served William and was surprised when the king gifted him with an estate and a bride – but he is less than thrilled when his bride not only runs away but shoots him with an arrow and leaves him for dead when he catches up with her!

Hugh finally finds Emma and after saving her from a fate worse than death, he wins her acceptance of their marriage. But it is clear when someone poisons Emma at their wedding feast that everyone is not happy with this Norman-Saxon match. Hoping the worse is behind them, they return to Wakefield and they make an honest attempt to work together. It seems like HEA is a foregone conclusion, but will a stunning betrayal reveal that their feelings were just an illusion?

This debut novel was a delightful surprise for this reviewer and I believe this new author will be making a name for herself in the HR genre! The book is well-written, nicely paced, and has very likable and relatable characters. The story employs the classic enemy-to-lovers trope and is filled with steamyish love scenes, wonderful characters, a great supporting cast of secondary characters, a lot of emotion, a gruff hero with a heart of gold, betrayal, heartache, and finally a sigh-worthy ending. I will note that if you are a historical purist, this book might not be for you as there is a lot of modern verbiage, but if you are just looking for a fun read with steamyish love scenes, some laugh out loud moments, and a HEA – read this book! This is the first book in the series and I am happy to recommend the title and will definitely be reading the next book.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that I requested and was provided to me by the publisher. All opinions in this review are my own.*

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