Murder in Immunity by Anne Cleeland

Murder in Immunity (Doyle & Acton, #15)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Series: Doyle & Acton #15
Publication Date: 3/10/22
Period: Contemporary London
Number of Pages: 236

I’m not sure why I am addicted to this series, but I am. The male lead – Acton – is flawed (big time) and I honestly don’t care. The female lead (Doyle) is a bit over the top with the uneducated Irish vernacular – still, I honestly don’t care. The plots are convoluted and you really need to have read the whole series in order to understand what is going on – and yet I still don’t care. It just all works for me – all of it – from the fey, angelic Doyle, to the scheming Acton and all of the cohorts who support him. You’d think Acton would have learned by now – Doyle will always figure out what plot he has going and she’ll throw a wrench in the works – for his own good of course.

There is a LOT going on in this book, and I’m still not sure I followed all of it – at least not to the appropriate conclusion. We have murders being staged so that police would think they were open and shut cases – but they aren’t. We have Acton’s half-sister being deceived by a con artist even though Acton specifically warned her. We have those involved in the money-skimming plot from the last book trying to scramble and cover their rears. We have Acton and Savoie at odds with each other (aren’t they always?) Goodness – it keeps your head spinning and your fingers flippin’ pages so you can see what happens next. In the end, two people were supposed to die. One did die but the other was still alive and well when the book ended. The ending HINTED their impending demise – but – did it really happen? I guess we’ll learn in the next book.

If you love quirky characters, twisted mysteries, and an obsessive romance, this is the book and series for you. Frankly, I didn’t think I was the kind who would love those things in a book, but – I’ve found I LOVE them, but only in this series. It is really well written and well delivered. I hope you’ll give the series a try and that you’ll love it as much as I have. Remember though, if you start in the middle of the series, you’ll only end up confused and not liking it. Happy Reading!

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