Mydworth Mysteries – Fool’s Gold by Matthew Costello

Mydworth Mysteries - Fool's Gold (A Cosy Historical Mystery Series Book 11)7Barbara’s rating: 4.3 of 5 Stars
Series: Mydworth Mysteries #11
Publication Date: 5/27/22
Period: Interwar – 1930 – England
Number of Pages: 140

Thank goodness Kat and Harry have returned from New York and are now happily ensconced in their quiet village of Mydworth. Of course, nothing stays quiet too long with Kat and Harry, and that proves to be the case as they are attending a children’s charity function. A distraught villager approaches them about his missing son, Ewan, who is presumed dead. Ewan’s small boat was found capsized after a particularly nasty storm had rolled through. But Ewan was an excellent sailor – and no body has been found. All Ewan’s father wants is answers; Is Ewan Dead? Why would he have gone out in his boat during such a storm?

Kat and Harry go from nobody having any information to share to having half the village share various somewhat conflicting bits of information. The one thing that everybody agrees upon though – Ewan is a really good person, intelligent, and level-headed. Kat and Harry end up with lots of suspects, lots of motives, and no proof of anything. How will they narrow it down to the real culprit? Well, it comes with some very unexpected revelations that change the course of their investigation.

I absolutely love Kat and Harry with their wit and humor that is reminiscent of Nick and Nora Charles from the Thin Man movies. They differ from Nick and Nora in that Harry isn’t constantly trying to keep Kat out of the investigations – Kat is a full and equal partner. Of course, being newlywed adds to the fun as well.

I am totally addicted to this series and can hardly wait from one book to the next. They are always quick and enjoyable reads.

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