Desperately Seeking Duke: The Ultimate Epilogue by Caroline Linden

Desperately Seeking Duke: The Ultimate Epilogue

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Series: Desperately Seeking Duke #3.5
Publication Date: 6/7/22
Period: Georgian
Number of Pages: 80

At the front of this short read, the author explains her reasoning for doing a separate release for the ‘Ultimate Epilogue’. She says “I wanted to revisit the characters from earlier books when they learned who would inherit the dukedom, and see how they were getting on a year or more after the end of their story. These scenes didn’t fit in the context of any one book, but they add something to the overall series.” I’ve read each book in the series, and while I was satisfied each of the couples got their HEA, I was always left with questions, and, of course, the big question was – who will become the ducal heir. I was totally frustrated with the last book because it seemed to leave everything up in the air (or heir😊) and it just didn’t feel finished. I didn’t realize the author planned this separate epilogue, but I’m glad she did because it answered most of my questions. Are there some things I feel I’m still missing – yes – but nothing I can’t live without knowing since they all revolve around supporting characters. She plainly says she isn’t planning to do a future book with Jack, and he was the main supporting character I wanted to see. 😊 Ah, well.

Since it was a short read, I can’t tell you a lot without giving everything away. So, I will tell you:

• She nicely adds to Max and Bianca’s HEA. Their book didn’t end with any big questions hanging over them, so this epilogue just gives you a lovely, lovely view of their ongoing happiness and where their lives and business have taken them. It also gives you a nice look at Kit and Jennie’s future. You’ll love the heartwarming scenes with Bianca’s father.
• Since Drew and Ilsa’s book left several things in the air, it was nice to see some answers. We learn the fate of Ilsa’s father and the thieves who had been breaking into stores in Edinburgh. I will say, I’d have liked a little more information on the father’s fate though. I know where he is – but – what is he doing? Is he making a new fortune? Will he find love? I know, I know, this wasn’t his book. I also wonder about the futures of Drew’s sisters – will their London debut be successful? Will they find their own HEA? Again – not their book, but it is sad that I’ll never know. 😊
• Will and Phillipa’s portion provided us with the ultimate answer to what will happen with the dukedom. I absolutely adored the update on the current duke – it was just perfect. Then, there is the resolution of what will happen with Will’s parents, sister, and brother. Jack is the supporting character who most intrigued me, but he isn’t getting his own book, so I guess I’ll never know his fate. Given Jack’s reactions when the Frenchmen were mentioned, I just have to wonder if there isn’t a story there. 😊 AND – FINALLY — I can say I actually like the Duchess.

I am happy to have read this Ultimate Epilogue and I’m so happy to have seen the happy futures for all of our series participants.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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