Impossible by Darcy Burke

Impossible (The Phoenix Club #5)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Series: The Phoenix Club #5
Publication Date: 4/19/22
Period: Regency – 1815
Number of Pages: 318

I have really been looking forward to Ada Treadway’s story because I just knew she would have to have a very special hero – and – OMGoodness – she definitely got him. This story is well-written, excellently paced, and the characters are so very likable. We have two very broken people – one shows it and the other doesn’t. Seeing them manage to heal each other’s wounds is truly magical.

Ada Treadway is sunshine on a stick. She always tries to see the good, the bright, the happy side of things. She sees the best in people and somehow manages to make everybody love her. There have been some very bad times in her life, and she could easily be bitter, dark, and unhappy. She’s not though – because she actively chooses to make each day a happy day – to find the best it has to offer. She’s highly intelligent, organized, competent, and insatiably curious and inquisitive. So, when her employer at the Phoenix Club, Lucien Westbrook, sends her to the estate of his best friend to straighten out his books, she’s anxious to prove her worth.

Maximillian Hunt, Viscount Warfield, lauded and celebrated war hero is grievously wounded inside and out. The outside wounds are healed, but the inside wounds are still festering and may never heal. His grouchy, cantankerous, hostile, inhospitable ways have driven away almost all of his friends and most of his staff – and that is just the way he wants it. He doesn’t care if the estate falls into ruin. He’s lost everyone he’s ever loved and all he wants is to be left alone. Now, the man who was once his best friend is plaguing him about getting his estate in order – and he’s even sending a bookkeeper to do it. Bah!

I loved how Ada bowled right over Max’s grumpy churlishness and set about performing her tasks. He couldn’t goad her into leaving. He couldn’t threaten her into leaving. She just smiled at him, said something pleasant, and went right on about her business. Max didn’t know what to make of Ada, but he was drawn to her brightness like a moth to a flame.

is a wonderfully told tale of two tortured souls finding their HEA and I am so glad I could be a witness to it. It is well-written, well-delivered, and all of the supporting characters are excellent. I can definitely recommend this book.

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