A Calculated Whisk by Victoria Hamilton

A Calculated Whisk (A Vintage Kitchen Mystery Book 10)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars
Series: Vintage Kitchen Mystery #10
Publication Date: 9/21/21
Period: Contemporary – Michigan
Number of Pages: 212

A happily settled-down Jamie Leighton is going about her life as a new wife and mother (step, to Jocie) in Queensville, Michigan when she is approached by Alicia Vance who is the mother of Jocie’s friend, Mia. Alicia makes a number of oblique references and statements before she finally decides to trust Jamie with what she suspects and what she wants to know. Sadly, that gives a murderer the opportunity they need to keep her from telling Jamie anything at all.

Jamie is torn – leave the investigating totally to the police and Detective Vestry, or ‘help’ in her own inimitable way. With Jocie upset about the fate of her now orphaned friend, Jamie just couldn’t stay out of the investigation. Had Alicia murdered her husband several years ago? Was he actually murdered or was it really just an accident? If he was murdered, who, other than Alicia, had a motive? If Alicia killed her husband – who killed Alicia?

With a killer in their midst, Jamie fears her family could be in danger, especially if they believe Alicia actually told Jamie something about her husband’s death. Alicia’s family and that of her deceased husband are weirdly intertwined and they are all highly dysfunctional. Can Jamie peel back the layers and expose the canker to the light of day before something happens to her and her family?

This has been an entertaining series with wonderful characters, mystifying mysteries, and even a cute three-legged dog. I was happy to see more page time for Jakob (Jamie’s husband) in this book. I really like him, but felt we really didn’t know him – and we still don’t really, but this book definitely helped.

I thoroughly enjoyed this light, entertaining mystery and hope you will as well.

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