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From maid to marchioness

Trevor Gaines, the Marquess of Pickering, falls in love with his wife. The catch? The woman is an impostor. Desperate for money, he arranges a fast marriage with the wealthiest dowry in England. Not until after the wedding does he realize he married the wrong woman.

J’non Butler is a maid accompanying her mistress for an arranged marriage. When her mistress elopes with another man, J’non marries the marquess, posing as the man’s contracted bride.

This is the love story of Trevor and J’non as they defy convention and find passion in their bed of lies.

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Both Trevor and Mr. Barmby rose when they saw her.
Trevor came around the desk and arrived at her side in a few strides. “I can see from your expression Hawkins has spoiled the surprise. No matter. May I introduce my childhood friend turned solicitor? Mr. Lloyd Barmby.”
J’non inclined her head, unable to keep the smile from her lips. The solicitor had rushed to Yorkshire upon receiving Trevor’s letter. This must be good news. “Welcome to our home, Mr. Barmby. I hope you’ll be staying for dinner.”
Trevor said, “This, dear friend, is my wife.”
Mr. Barmby’s quizzical expression transformed to one of what J’non could only describe as dissatisfaction tinged with anger. Her smile faltered.
Rather than bowing, nodding, extending a hand, or otherwise, Mr. Barmby pulled his shoulders back and said, “You are not Phoebe Whittington.”

Barbara’s Review

5 of 5 Stars
I always find this author’s works to be filled with complex and interesting characters as well as plots that shy away from the cookie-cutter version offered in so many HR novels. This book definitely follows that rule and I loved meeting J’non Butler and Trevor Gaines who are, indeed, very interesting characters. While their journey to love is straightforward and lovely, their journey to a HEA has a very large obstacle across the path.

J’non Butler is lady’s maid to a very spoiled, very rich young woman. Yes, Phoebe Whittington is spoiled and rich, but she’s being forced into marrying someone she’s never met – and she has already chosen the man she wants to marry. J’non is to accompany Phoebe from her home in London to the estate of her betrothed where the ceremony will be performed quickly. Goodness – I feel a big OOPS coming down the path.

As they travel, Phoebe tells J’non that she is NOT going to wed her betrothed and she IS going to run away with the man she loves. She also suggests that J’non continue the journey and marry the marquess instead. J’non does what she can to prevent the departure of her mistress, but she awakens to find Phoebe gone – and the marquess’ coach is arriving at the inn to continue the journey. What to do – what to do??? She must, of course, continue to the estate to let the marquess know his bride has run away with another man.

Trevor Gaines, Marquess of Pickering, has unexpectedly inherited the title along with a run-down and impoverished estate. He needs an infusion of money to set things right and orders his man of business to procure a betrothal to the woman with the richest dowery. It doesn’t matter whether she is a member of the ton or not – a rich cit’s daughter will do just as well. He doesn’t need to meet her or to know anything about her as this is entirely a business arrangement.

When the carriage arrives with his betrothed, he’s pleasantly surprised and hardly gives her a moment to speak before he tells her the plans for the wedding, etc. Oops – would she have told him if he’d given her a chance? Who knows? Probably not.

I love that Trevor falls for ‘Phoebe’ almost immediately and with her warm nature, friendliness to the tenants and townspeople, and insightful knowledge of farming and running an estate – well – he just falls deeper and deeper.

As we read, we just know there is more to J’non than meets the eye – but what is it? What is her background? Yes, we know all along that J’non and Trevor are going to have to pay the piper at some point – but goodness! What a conflict and resolution!

I am so glad to have met these two and I hope you will enjoy meeting them as much as I did. I will say – there are a couple of things I just didn’t understand and a punishment that was sorely needed but didn’t happen. However, I can’t tell you all about them without giving too many spoilers. That doesn’t matter though because the book was excellent.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

About The Author


Paullett Golden is a Houston, Texas native who divides her time between
Northumberland, England, and her hometown. She has been a university professor for over 25 years.

When an oncologist told her she had three months to live, she decided it was time to fulfill her dream of being a novelist. After defying the odds, she now focuses her attention on her writing.

Her novels have hit the Top 10 Amazon bestseller lists and won a multitude of literary awards. She loves historical fiction of all kinds as a way to transport us to a different time and place. All research comes from authentic resources of the time and from scholarly and peer-reviewed articles from researchers specializing in the time. Though she may take liberties with the fictional aspects, she does aim for the fiction to reflect the mores, culture, laws, and environment of the time. When not writing, she can be found in her butterfly garden or on a racetrack.


Facebook: @paullettgolden

Twitter: @paullettgolden

Instagram: @paullettgolden

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