Murder in All Fury by Anne Cleeland

Murder in All Fury (Doyle & Acton, #16)Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Series: Doyle & Acton #16
Publication Date: 9/12/22
Period: Contemporary London
Number of Pages: 247

Oh! My! Goodness! This may be the most exciting book of the series so far. The trial for those accused of murdering MP Nigel Howard is rapidly approaching. Acton knows that the person who is really responsible has escaped justice, and he fully intends to deliver justice – Acton style. He’s already put his plans in motion – can they be stopped by Doyle? You should close this review and start reading the book right now so you can find out!

Doyle knows Acton is up to something – he’s restless and distracted. She’s never seen him quite this way even in the middle of his most diabolical plans. He’s also brought them to the shore on vacation and neither of them are vacation people. What is with that? Whatever is bothering him is eating him alive and she has to find out what it is and stop it before Acton brings them all down.

Poor Doyle! She’s just delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy and now, between breastfeeding and caring for two children, she has to manage to unravel and stop her husband’s plans. Ah, but never fear, the intrepid Doyle will, as always, put a spanner in the works – or will she manage it this time? Discovering the plan is one thing – managing to put a stop to it is another when Acton so truly believes he is bringing justice against the correct person – the person who escaped the justice system.

Doyle follows obscure hints and pumps her friends and fellow workers to get to the bottom of the mystery. When she gets there, she is shocked beyond belief. How could Acton possibly be planning what she’s discovered? OMGoodness! She’s discovered the what and the how – just in the nick of time – but can she bring it to a screeching halt at this point? Acton has never gotten it wrong before – how can he be so very, very wrong this time?

I loved this latest addition to the series. It was so exciting, I couldn’t put it down and read straight through the night until I finished it. I love that Doyle always shines even though she considers herself a ‘dim bulb’. Academically she might not be the sharpest tack in the pack because she disliked school – but – she reads people and motives like a book. She knows the good ones from the bad ones almost immediately and she uses those skills to keep Acton in line and put a halt to his schemes.

There were a couple of characters I was thoroughly and completely disappointed in – one can possibly be rehabilitated, but the other – for me, I just don’t see how. First, there is Williams who is now married to Lizzie – but he’s still been out for drinks, etc. with other women. Hopefully, the author will let him have an epiphany and he and Lizzy can become a true love match – after all – she’s helping raise his illegitimate child. Then, there is Mary – sweet, naïve Mary – who has now done the unforgivable in my eyes. I’m a romantic through and through and Mary is now marrying another man almost as soon as her husband is buried. Her husband (Nigel Howard) was supposedly the love of her life, yet she almost immediately takes up with another man. No! Just NO! No matter what the author does with Mary now, I will never look at her the same and that is sad. I don’t think Mary needs to stay alone forever – but I’d have liked to see a fair amount of time pass before she walks on his grave. I like Mary’s new pairing – I just don’t like the timing.

I definitely recommend this book and this series and should you decide to read it, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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