Midnight on the River Grey by Abigail Wilson

Midnight on the River GreyBarbara’s rating: 3.6 of 5 Stars
Series: Standalone
Publication Date: 7/1/19
Period: Regency
Number of Pages: Audiobook (10 Hours) – Narrator Laura Kirman

Rebecca Hunter and her brother Jacob became wards of Mr. Lewis Browning upon their father’s death. For me, the time between the death of their father and the start of this book is ambiguous and I’m left with questions. For instance – was Browning just an unconcerned, uninvolved guardian? I wonder because Rebecca was living with an aunt in their old townhome, which seems a good choice, but – it seems her brother was running wild. While I wondered about that first period, things went well once the actual story starts.

Jacob got himself ‘into a spot of bother’ and left London to live at their guardian’s estate, Greybourne Hall. When, after several months, Jacob dies, rumors of murder abound among the villagers. Who do they blame? Lewis Browning was on the bridge that night, and his memory of the events is foggy. As the closest male relative, Lewis inherits all the entailed properties and quickly summons Rebecca from London to Greybourne Hall saying he’s selling their townhouse. Unhappily, Rebecca and her aunt arrive at the Hall – with Rebecca determined to discover Lewis’s guilt and see him brought to justice.

Strange things are happening at Greybourne Hall. There are strange, mysterious people who seem to wander into the Hall – and then, there is the strange, lone, masked rider that can be seen in the late, misty, hours of the night. You’ll wonder who is good and who is not. You’ll wonder what is going on with all of the strange and mysterious people and night rides. If you read a lot of mysteries, you’ll soon realize the answer to one of your questions. That isn’t a problem because then you’ll be reading to find out if you are right – and to find the rest of the answers.

I enjoyed the read, but I have to tell you, I found Rebecca almost TSTL. She did the riskiest things – things that would not only cause harm to herself but would/could put others at risk as well. Her reasons for doing the things she does are some of the most convoluted I’ve seen. To this reader, being strong and independent also includes being savvy and making intelligent, well-thought-out decisions. Rebecca fell far short in that department. She didn’t seem to have any impulse control at all.

I listened to the audio version and generally enjoyed the narrator. Her voice is mellow and well-modulated, and her delivery of most of the female voices is good. Her male voices leave something to be desired. The way she makes male voices is to make them more guttural and to slow them so they seem to be the English version of a Southern drawl.

I enjoyed the read and can recommend it. If you choose to read it, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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