A Deadly Match by Matthew Costello

A Deadly Match (Mydworth Mysteries #13)

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Series: Mydworth Mysteries #13
Publication Date: 1/30/23
Period: Interwar – 1930s – Mydworth, England
Number of Pages: 140

I always jump for joy when each new book releases, and then slump forlornly when the read is over because I then have to wait for the next release. This series is consistently well-written with wonderful characters and exciting mysteries. I have loved each book in the series, and this is certainly no exception to that. Kat and Sir Harry are made for each other and, as former spies during the war, they are uniquely qualified to solve all of the intrigues that come their way.

Kat and Harry are participating in a tournament at the tennis club when they are approached by a timid woman whose husband browbeats her all the time. She tells them she doesn’t believe the recent accident that took the life of the tennis pro was actually an accident. While the accident certainly looks to be just that, Kat and Harry decide to just do a little looking to see if it is possible. Yep, it definitely is possible and the more they look the more sure they are – and – they are also sure there is something more than murder going on as well.

It appears Kat and Harry have kicked a nest of hornets because things start to buzz – and our erstwhile detectives find themselves in real danger. Not that they can’t handle it, they were, after all, spies in some of the most dangerous places of the war. However, they’d just as soon neither of them got hurt. The investigation takes them in a far different direction than they thought – and the villain(s) will surprise you – or not.

I thoroughly enjoy these books and am always excited when a new one is on the horizon. You’ll absolutely love Kat and Harry as well as the other series regulars like Aunt Lavinia. These are always short, tightly-written, well-developed stories in which you quickly get engrossed and forget there is a ‘real’ world out your window. Should you choose to read the story, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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2 thoughts on “A Deadly Match by Matthew Costello

  1. Hi Barbara…thanks. Just a reminder, the Mydworth series is written but myself, an American , and Neil Richards in the UK. Maybe add that? Thanks!

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    1. I always intend to do that – but I can never find his Twitter handle, etc. and by the time I get that far, I’ve forgotten to go back and add him to the review.


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