A Problem Princess by Anna Harrington

A Problem Princess (Lords of the Armory #6)

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Series: Lords of the Armory #6
Publication Date: 4/11/23
Period: Regency London
Number of Pages: 355

This was an exciting, breath-holding, fingernail-biting, couldn’t-put-it-down, romantic end to an equally exciting and romantic series. While there is a complete end to Scepter and its leader, it comes at a large cost. It also brings our two wonderful protagonists together to find a very hard-earned HEA. Great writing, a great story, great characters, an exciting plot, and a sigh-worthy romance. With a story as exciting as this one, you need little pockets of heartwarming moments and a tad of wit – and you get all of that. One of my particular favorites was in the epilogue where they received word about the birth of the young princess Alexandrina Victoria to the Prince Regents’ uncle, Edward Augustus, the Duke of Kent. You’ll absolutely love our protagonists who are both exceptional people in their own right, but who each feel the need to be loved by a parent who is no longer there – a parent who, to their knowledge, was not all they should have been.

General Clayton Elliott, Home Office Undersecretary, and soon-to-be Viscount is NOT at all satisfied that the hanging of the Marquess of Hawking (A Remarkable Rogue) was actually the end of Scepter. He has no proof, he just feels it in his bones, and he is usually right about these things. He’s sure the real leader is on the continent – somewhere – but where? He’s also sure the remainder of the organization on English soil is just waiting for a signal from that leader before they rise up to overthrow the monarchy and the English way of life.

Her Serene Highness, Princess Cordelia of Monrovia, has accompanied her Uncle Ernest (Uncle Monrovia) on a state visit to England. Cordelia is quite sure that her reason for being told to accompany her uncle was so she could be paraded before England’s Royal Dukes in order to promote a royal marriage between their two countries. While Cordelia chafes at the restrictions on her, she knows it is her fate and she has no say in the matter. She obediently follows directions, shows no emotions, and offers no opinions – until she is left alone in a room and someone makes an attempt on her life. Thoroughly shaken, she profusely thanks her rescuer – and then has to rescue him! He’s a handsome and intriguing soul – and he rescued her – and . . . did we mention handsome?????

Cordelia can think of no reason why anyone would wish to murder her – but Clayton can. Could it be part of Scepter’s plan? What would it gain though? It would seem if it was Scepter’s plan, they would be attempting to take the lives of cabinet members, the Prince Regent, King George, one of the Royal Dukes – not a princess from a small, insignificant country on the continent.

Clayton does his best to keep Cordelia safe, but with more attempts on her life, he knows it is time for desperate measures – even at the risk of his own life. It may very well cost him his life because everybody from the Crown to the Home Office is blaming him – not to mention the villains are after him as well.

I highly recommend this excellently written story. The attraction between Cordelia and Clayton was intense and immediate – as was the danger – and it was a delight to watch it all play out to its final conclusion. Be sure to read the author’s notes at the end because they shed light on where some of the ideas for the scenarios came from. I love how the author took those real-life events and seamlessly wove them into this exciting work of fiction. Great job!

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