Sophia’s Spirited Spinster’s Society by Charlotte Stone

Sophias Spinsters SocietyJPGBarbara’s Rating 4 of 5 stars
Series:  The Spinster’s Society #4
Publication Date:  11/15/17

This is the fourth book in the Spinster’s Society series by author Charlotte Stone.  I have to say that I love the tales themselves – they are interesting and have a different take on things.  The characters are fun and I enjoy seeing the repeat characters and watching them grow as friends and individuals.

I’m not sure how much research this author actually does on the Regency period, but if you are a purist for forms of address (they are so simple who wouldn’t get those right), social norms, etc. these books will definitely ring your bell.  For instance – a character has been hiding the fact that she is, in fact, a Viscount’s daughter.  Whenever that is revealed, a big deal is made that she is now referred to as Madam and not Miss.  Say what!    In FORMAL written correspondence she would be addressed as Madam, but, in speech, she would be addressed as or referred to as Miss.

Sophia has been a very interesting character throughout the books so far and it was great to see that she finally got her story.  She and her father aren’t in the normal areas of society.  They are the avant-garde before there was such a thing.  Sophia is an intelligent, bright, lively, passionate, caring young lady.  She’s totally dismayed at her strong attraction to Morris because she knows that the illegitimate daughter of a tailor can never hope for a future with a Duke.

Morris is just as attracted to Sophia as she is with him.  At first, he thinks he’ll pursue her and sate his attraction and then be on with his life.  No woman ever rebuffs him – but Sophia does.  He pursues her – until he is the one who is totally in love. However, she won’t believe it because she thinks his goal is to marry a Lady.

It is fun that we actually get two love stories in this book.  There is the main story with Sophia and Morris, but there is also a love story for Morris’ mother and Sophia’s father.

It is also fun to see the ladies of the Spinster’s Society lead the Men of Nashwood on a merry chase.  The gentlemen plot to get the ladies to marry them

Definitely a fun read.

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