Christin’s Splendid Spinster’s Society by Charlotte Stone

Christin's Splendid Spinster's Society

Barbara’s Rating – 3.5 stars rounded down to 3
Series:  The Spinster’s Society #7
Publication Date:  3/15/18



I have wanted to see what Aaron’s story was going to be since the beginning.  He is so deep down angry.  Actually, that anger is to cover a very deep hurt.  I this book we find out about his childhood and what caused his anger – and we meet the woman who, along with his wards help him learn to control his anger.

Over the last couple of books, we’ve learned how Aaron Walsh, the Earl of Jeanshire, came to have two tiny girls as his wards.  He’s adapted really well to that but needs a governess for them.  Upon the recommendation of his friend Alice Lockwood (book 2), he visited the Potter Agency for them to help him find the perfect governess.  Once he met Mrs. Christin Potter, he knew why Alice had recommended her.  The attraction was instant and undeniable.  He soon decided he wanted her – for more than just a tryst.

Mrs. Christin Potter was a troubled lady.  She’d successfully run the Potter Agency singlehandedly since the death of her husband, but she couldn’t save her only niece from the wicked step-father that had custody of her.  All she could do was pay him to keep Tina fed and clothed – but she was sure he wasn’t doing that.  Then – during her current visit – he told her he needed two-hundred pounds from her or she could never see her niece again and that the man he owed the money to would be taking Tina ‘in payment’.

Aaron helps Christin with her problem of a brother-in-law and brings her and Tina to his home for safety.  There, he finds his estranged mother as well.  Since Christin will need a chaperone in order to remain in his home, he tolerates his mother – barely.

Christin manages to soothe the savage beast and helps Aaron to find some peace in his life.  However, there are still secrets – deep dark secrets – held by the Men of Nashwood and it sounds as if they are all about to break out into the light.  Will those secrets put them all in peril?  I can’t wait to see and I also can’t wait to see what and more importantly, who, Zedock Sudworth is.  We all know he can’t be who he is pretending to be.

Now, there are only three Men of Nashwood who remain unmarried.

The Men of Nashwood: Click the names to see the review
Emmett Starr, Earl of Ashwick – featured in book 1 with Lorena Cullip
Calvin Lockwood, Very rich landed gentry – featured in book 2 with Alice Wilkins
Francis Cullip, Duke of Valdeston – featured in book 3 with Genie
Morris Kidd, Duke of Cort – featured in book 4 with Sophia
Rollo Kerry, Rich landed gentry – featured in book 5 with Florence Crew (a lady’s maid)
Hugh Vance – Marquess of Edvoy – featured book 6 with Taygete as the heroine
Aaron Walsh, Earl of Jeanshire – featured in this book with Christin Potter as the heroine
Sir William Tift
Julius Hext, Marquess of Darvess
Franklin Lockwood, Very Rich Landed Gentry

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