Highland Betrayal by Alyson McLayne

Highland Betrayal (The Sons of Gregor MacLeod, #3)Highland Betrayal by Alyson McLayne
Tracy’s rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Series: The Sons of Gregor MacLeod, #3

Release Date: August 7, 2018

This book definitely falls into the “Buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride” category, but what a ride it is!!

Maggie MacDonnell is done waiting, waiting for Callum MacLean to marry her, waiting for her brother Ross to sober up, waiting for her brother John to return. She has had enough waiting and is ready to act, she will find her brother John, make him return, kick their loathsome cousin by marriage out and hopefully get their eldest brother Ross to overcome his grief and lead the clan again. As for Callum? He can rot for all she cares, he promised to marry her almost four years ago and never came back for her. Maggie doesn’t need him or anyone for that matter, she is cunning, resourceful, deadly with a dagger or bow and has a mind made for planning. She’ll be just fine, so when she learns her nasty cousin Irvin is sending Callum a letter breaking their betrothal, so Irvin can force Maggie to marry him, she knows it is time to put her plans into action.

Callum can’t believe his betrothal has been broken, he loves Maggie, but when his father was murdered not long after his betrothal and he couldn’t find the killer, he decided it was best not to bring Maggie into the viper’s nest and left her waiting for these last four years – now faced with losing her, he sees his mistake, but what to do? Accept it and move on or fight for the woman he loves? Just as he decides to go to her, fate intervenes and brings her to him. His Maggie is spitting mad and loudly and forcefully tells him that she doesn’t trust him and will not marry him. He is sure he can bring her around, well pretty sure, maybe. But he knows for sure that he is not willing to give her up. When she tells him of the troubles at her home and gives him notes she has taken while spying, Callum along with his foster brother Gavin, tell her they will help her. She insists she doesn’t need help, she will find her brother John, but common sense rules and she agrees to let them try.

Just when she thinks she may have given up on Callum too soon and begins to soften, he betrays her again. Again Maggie isn’t going to sit around and wait to be rescued, no, she is going to take matters into her own hands and save herself. Callum feels awful for not telling Maggie his plan and letting her believe he left her again, but while scouting the castle, he watches in horror as Maggie makes her escape, he is terrified and his men are impressed. Callum confronts her and she is surprised he is back, but scoffs when he doesn’t really have a plan for retaking the castle. He agrees to hear her out and they will use her plan. But when Irvin’s men get a little too close and cut off their escape, Callum decides to take her to his home. He also gets Maggie to agree to let him woo her and they even come up with a wager – he wins, she marries him, she wins, he lets her go and helps her find her brother, if they tie, the wager is void and the wager ends when they get to his lands.

Over the course of the journey to his castle, Maggie and Callum grow closer and Maggie begins to rethink her decision, Callum is patient, kind and supportive of her and they are well matched. When the opportunity to win the wager arises, Maggie makes a decision, she lets him win, he knows she did and is overjoyed, she chose him! They declare themselves and make love, it seems like everything is going to work out fine and then all hell breaks loose!

Callum watches Maggie nearly killed and gets her to his castle as quickly as possible, he cannot lose her!! Once she starts to heal, she wants answers, what happened to Callum’s father? Who is the traitor? Are they connected to Irvin? Does this treachery end with the MacLeans or is does this go much deeper? It will take a lot of twists and turns to find the answers, there will be more questions than answers and more death and destruction before our lovers learn the truth and even then not everything will be made clear.

This is a fast paced, exciting read with amusing banter, a heroine who really can save herself, a hero who lets her, wonderful secondary characters, very steamy love scenes, a lot of action, secrets, lies, betrayal and finally a hard won HEA. This is the third book in the series, but it can easily be read as a standalone title with no backstory problems.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher.*

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