The Enigma of a Widow by Linda Rae Sande

The Enigma of a Widow (The Widows of the Aristocracy Book 2)The Enigma of a Widow by Linda Rae Sande

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Widows of the Aristocracy #2
Publication Date: 7/31/18

I thoroughly enjoyed this second book in the Widows of the Aristocracy series. I have not read the first book in the series– even though it sounds wonderful – but I didn’t need to read it in order to enjoy this one. I always enjoy Sande’s characters, their humor, their flaws and their path to love. This one is well written, well-plotted and populated with likable characters – well – except for the hero’s sister, but she hardly has any page time – Oh – and the villain, he isn’t very likable. I also enjoy that the book isn’t populated with Dukes.

Adonis Donald Truscott is a war hero who suffers from what I guess we would now call PTSD. He just gets lost in his own thoughts on occasion. This tendency to ‘space out’ (not a period correct term) has caused his sister to think he needs to be in bedlam. ** Note – said sister seems to be a bitc* and I’m glad she is featured very little in the book. Adonis is a sweet, sweet man who made a promise to his commander just before his commander died. Adonis was badly wounded and was in the hospital for almost a year after that battle and the promise. Now, he’s back in London to fulfill his promise and to see his boss – the spymaster.

Adonis is afraid that he’ll be dismissed from being a spy because of the problems he has left over from that horrendous battle and its outcome. So, he’s pleased when he is given a task to do. He knows it is a test, but he is glad to have even that much. There is a traitor in their ranks. The spymaster is sure of who it is, but Adonis is to find out for sure.

The promise Adonis made to his commander was to look after and protect his wife (widow) when he gets back to London. Adonis pictures an older, frumpy lady (one wonders why) and is surprised to find out that she is none of those things and he is very, very attracted to her. He knew that nothing could develop between them because of his affliction, but that didn’t keep him from desiring her or just desiring to be near her. Their first meeting in the museum is cute and funny – and then he secretly steals into her bedchamber each night to sit in the corner and watch over her as she sleeps.

Lady Lydia Barrymore is now the widow of a Viscount. Lydia is also a spy, she decodes and analyses messages and codes, but she has been inactive and in mourning for the last year. She’s ready to get back into her work, so she visits the spymaster. She’s given an assignment that just floors her – she is to assess the sanity of Adonis and to see that he comes back to normal because the spymaster needs him. She is to do whatever it takes to see to his sanity – even seduce him and marry him if necessary.

Adonis drives Lydia insane – he says inappropriate things at the wrong time, he turns up in places he shouldn’t be, and he’s sneaking into her bedchamber at night. But, strangely, she is drawn to him and would miss him if he stopped sneaking in. She knows she’s not supposed to know that he sneaks in – but – she awakened one night and realized he was in her room – sitting quietly – watching over her.

Their journey through traitors, puzzles to solve, unkind relatives and into love and their HEA is a lovely thing and I really enjoyed the read!

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