Uneasy Lies the Crown by Tasha Alexander

Uneasy Lies the Crown (Lady Emily #13)Uneasy Lies the Crown by Tasha Alexander

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Lady Emily #13
Publication Date: 10/30/18

I had such fun reading this fast-paced, well-written book! Best of all – you actually get three stories. Now, some folks will find it disconcerting to switch from 1415 in one chapter to 1901 in another chapter. I absolutely understand why the author did the story that way and was good with it, but I can suggest that IF that bothers you, just read all of the 1901 chapters first and then read the 1401, etc. chapters. I must also say that, while I still love Lady Emily, she is seeming more and more arrogant and self-righteous in each new installment.

The chapters in 1901 deal with two mysteries. Are the two related or separate? Well, you’ll just have to read the book to find out. It is the day of Queen Victoria’s funeral and all of England is in mourning. When a body, dressed as an earlier ruler, is found at the Tower of London it raises the alarm of all of those involved in the protection of the new King. Colin Hargreaves and his wife Emily are on the case even though Scotland Yard is doing the investigation. The Scotland Yard inspector definitely doesn’t welcome Lady Emily’s involvement, but she just works around him and finds more clues than he does. Well – frankly, he’s just looking for clues that tie the murder to the new King and his safety and Emily is looking for who committed the murder. The Inspector wants to be in charge of the new King’s security detail. Then, there is a second and third murder both victims dressed to represent the demise of a former ruler. Is the murderer threatening the new King Edward by saying that even kings can be killed? Emily is of two minds – one that it is a threat to the king and another that says it is not related to the king at all. The resolution will keep you guessing right up to the end when it all comes together.

Just before her death Queen Victoria summons Colin to her chamber, hands him an envelope and tells him, “Take this and do as it says.” “All will be clear in time. We need you for this. . . .” She died soon after that encounter and left Colin with what seems to be a scavenger hunt. Do the clues contained in the envelope have a bearing on the murders or are they entirely separate? Why would the Queen leave him such clues?

The chapters from 1415 through 1459 tell the story of one of Colin’s early ancestors and how he served his king. They are very short chapters and the story they tell is a nice one. You definitely don’t want to skip those because they definitely add to the story.

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