The Earl’s Wagered Bride by Cerise DeLand

The Earl's Wagered Bride: Christmas Belles, Book 1The Earl’s Wagered Bride: Christmas Belles, Book 1 by Cerise DeLand

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Christmas Belles #1
Publication Date: 10/29/18

This was a nicely written novella featuring three couples and three HEA’s. What more could you ask for? They had all been friends since childhood and they had all been in love about that long as well. The ladies are sisters and the men are returning war heroes. The main featured pair is Griffith Harlinger, the fourth Earl of Marsden and Marjorie Craymore. The secondary couples are Neville Vaughn, Viscount Bromley with Delphine (Del) Craymore and Alastair Demerest, newly ascended to a dukedom, and Belinda (Bee) Craymore.

As the three men head out together to attend Griff’s step-mothers Christmas house party in Brighton, two of them know that the reason they are going is to secure the women they have loved forever. Both of them were severely injured in the war and they value life and want to settle down. Griff knows he is looking forward to seeing Marjorie, she’s been with him in his heart and mind through all of his battles, but he doesn’t know he’s in love with her. Making that discovery is a bit of a shock to his system.

The Craymore sisters are all beautiful, sweet, caring, prideful and they are seeking atonement for their family as well as revenge. Their father, a Viscount gambled away the family fortune and even their dowry’s before he died. Then, their brother George died in the war and a cruel, uncaring relative took over what little remained of the Viscountancy. At that point, their aunt (Griff’s step-mother) took them in. Although she was loving and generous with them, they each felt they were taking charity and it grated on them. Each sister wanted to do her part to either gain revenge (Marjorie) or to atone (Bee) and they went about it in different ways. Marrying was something they never thought to do.

It was lovely to see these three engaging couples find their way to each other and gain their HEA. It was a lovely read.

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