Wicked Laird by Tammy Andresen

Wicked Laird (Brethren of Stone Book 2)Wicked Laird by Tammy Andresen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Brethren of Stone #2
Publication Date: 11/27/18

The second of the Sinclair brothers, Blair, has found his soulmate in this lovely novella. The six Sinclair siblings lost their parents in a terrible accident and now each of siblings is headed out into the world to make their own fortunes – but keep very close ties with the other siblings. In the last book, Scottish Devil, we saw the eldest brother, Stone, struggle with the loss of his parents, the responsibility of caring for his siblings, and assuming the title. Now, one of his younger brothers has used his inheritance to purchase a large parcel of land in the Scottish Highlands. Blair Sinclair is determined to tame his land, build some piers and start a branch of the family shipping lines – and he’s going to do it on his own. Well, that scenario doesn’t last long because there are some nasty villains there and having a large, rich, powerful family can go a long way to help.

Soon after arriving on his new land, Blair is using a scythe to cut the growth around his cottage. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees a sparkle out on the loch. It is the sun glinting off of a sail. Who could be sailing into his harbor? As he watches, he realizes that the boat is capsizing and sinking. He makes a mad dash down to the water and dives in. What he rescues isn’t a boy as he’d thought, it is a very feminine young woman.

Elle has had a very hard time since her father’s death. Because she had no means of caring for herself and her younger brother, she placed her trust in a man who was not trustworthy. She’s paid a high price for that. Now, she is determined she will never, ever, trust or depend on another man. She will never allow herself to be vulnerable like that again.

Blair is intrigued by the young woman he rescued and he’s determined to keep her safe, but she fights him every step of the way. It is nice to watch them come to trust and care for each other as they fend off the villain. I love what Elle tells Blair about the villain – “It’s not that he’s stronger, it’s that he’s black to the soul and wearing righteousness like a cloak.”

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