Earl to the Rescue by Jane Ashford

Earl to the RescueEarl to the Rescue by Jane Ashford

My rating: 2.5/3 of 5 stars

Series: Not a series
Publication Date: 11/27/18

** 2.5 Stars Rounded up ** This book was originally published in 1980 as ‘Gwendeline’. I have read and enjoyed several of this author’s books, but this really wasn’t one of those. I wanted to love it – and once I picked through the bits and pieces, I did like the core of the story. The writing was patchy and the story was slow and very predictable. However, it just mostly left me puzzled about the people who populated the story, their relationships and the time in which they lived as well as their interactions with each other.

The heroine isn’t just TSTL, it is worse than that. She reminds me of the old cartoon series where Snidely Whiplash is always tying Nell Fenwick to the railroad tracks – she never learns.

The hero just puzzles me. I guess in my cartoon scenario, he’d be Dudley DoRight. He seems to be in a world of his own. He doesn’t share any information or tell what is going on – but – yet he shares ‘glances’ or ‘smiles’ with others that makes you think there is a conspiracy of some kind. He manages to do some TSTL stuff as well.

The basic story is:

Gwendeline Gregory’s parents have just died and left her with absolutely nothing. She never really knew them because they placed her in the country and only visited for a short period each year – and they had house parties, etc. during that time. So, when they died and their holdings had to be sold off she isn’t terribly bereft. Now, the parents deaths and the legal aftermath didn’t just happen in a day, yet when the hero, Alex St. Audley, Earl of Merryn, shows up at her door to ‘rescue’ her, she has absolutely no thoughts and no plans even though she has to be out of the house that day. She thought maybe she’d go to an Inn for a while.

Alex shows up expecting an infant or a young child and he has planned for the future care of that child. It is his plan to provide a house and yearly stipend. However, when he arrives, the young child turns out to be a lovely young woman. Alex makes up a story about a ‘group’ of her father’s friends getting together to provide for her. (How can he be good friends with either or both parents and not know something about the child?) He takes Gwendeline to London and places her in his mother’s home with plans to provide a season.

Gwendeline learns some hurtful things about her parents, meets a bad guy, gets kidnapped, gets rescued, gets kidnapped, etc. Alex does some stupid things, keeps secrets when he should be speaking up, etc. – Then finally HEA.

As I said, I enjoyed the core story, but you had to really pick it out of all the stuff going on – and it is slow going. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you wish the read the book or not.

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