Nobody’s Duke by Scarlett Scott

Nobody's Duke (League of Dukes Book 1)Nobody’s Duke by Scarlett Scott

Series: League of Dukes #1
Publication Date: 1/8/19
Number of Pages: 277

This is an absolutely lovely second chance romance. Two wonderful young people who were very much in love and were torn apart by a nasty fiend. Eight years later, they get their chance to find love with each other again. The story is well written and excellently delivered. I loved both of the main characters and could absolutely feel the love they had for each other even after all that was done to them. Great read.

The story jumps back and forth in time – part of it telling the events of eight years earlier and part of it telling their current story. The main setting is London in 1882 – during the time the Irish Finians are using terrorism to gain home rule for Ireland. Many of their tactics are the same as terrorists use today.

Clayton Ludlow is the illegitimate son of the Duke of Carlisle. The duke raised Clay alongside his legitimate son. The Duke loved Clay’s mother and they all lived together as a family – leaving the Duke’s cold and unfeeling wife on her own. I didn’t understand the little I saw of Clay’s brother, Leo. He was raised in a very loving home with a woman who loved him and treated him as if he were her own. However, he appears to be very aloof and unfeeling in this book. I guess we’ll learn more about him in the next book.

Lady Araminta (Ara) Winters is the youngest child of the Earl of Wickham. She’s bright, funny, loving, and unspoiled. It is kind of hard to imagine her being so sweet given the parents she has. She had two seasons but just hasn’t found anyone who curled her toes.

When she’s out riding one day Araminta sees the most gorgeous young man running down the path. She conceals herself so she can admire him without being seen. She returns the next day and the next and the next before he finally confronts her. They spend more and more time together and fall in love with each other. They finally make plans to marry without her father’s consent and agreed to meet at dawn to leave. Dastardly deeds intervene and each thinks the other has betrayed them.

Eight years later, Clay works for an elite organization in the Home Office and Ara has just become the widow of a duke who was killed by the Finians. The Finians are now threatening Ara’s life as well and the Home Office assigns Clay to her protection. He fights the assignment, but in the end, he has no choice but to accept.

It was a wonderful time watching these two very lovely people find that their love had never died. They slowly come to realize what happened to them all those years ago and they realize that they can now have all they lost.

I definitely recommend this book!

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