The Governess by Christi Caldwell

The Governess (Wicked Wallflowers, #3)The Governess by Christi Caldwell

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Wicked Wallflowers #3
Publication Date: 2/12/19
Number of Pages: 382

Christi Caldwell adds another gripping and intense story to her Wicked Wallflowers series. I always have to psyche myself up before I begin reading one of this author’s books. Not because the book isn’t good – they are all wonderful. No, it is because they are so intensely emotional that you will be wrung out by the time you are through with it.

The series features the Killoran’s, none of them are actually related by blood, but they are closer than most families could think of being. They were all children living on the streets of Seven Dials and they were all taken into the street gang of Diggory, one of the vilest humans you could imagine. Diggory is dead before this series begins (see the Sinful Brides series for details on that) and Broderick is now in charge. We’ve seen two of the siblings find their HEA in the first two books of the series – Cleo (Cleopatra) marries Adair in The Hellion and Ophelia settles down with Connor in The Vixen. This book features Broderick who finally discovers his love, Reggie, was right under his nose all the time.

Broderick Killoran is absolutely ruthless in his business dealings – he has to be because you don’t survive in Seven Dials without it. He’s also mysterious and everyone wonders how someone who is as cultured and who speaks as well as he does has ended up in the Dials. Broderick longs for respectability – not necessarily for himself, but he feels that is the only way to keep his family safe. He keeps trying to marry his sisters into the aristocracy, but he hasn’t managed to do it yet. So, maybe it is up to him to do it.

Broderick rescued Reggie years ago and has protected her since. How could she not love him? He saved her, he gave her a place in the running of the Devil’s Den, he treats her with respect and he listens to her thoughts and opinions. Except, he doesn’t know she exists as a woman.

Things are getting really intense in Broderick’s world. Years ago, a baby was stolen from the home of a Marquess and was subsequently delivered to Diggory in the Dials. That baby is now called Stephen and he is Broderick’s brother. That Marquess (know as the Mad Marquess) has discovered that Stephen is his kidnapped son and he’s coming after Broderick. Broderick may very well hang for it. To that stress, add that his most trusted right-hand person, Reggie, is planning to open her own music hall in competition with him.

In the previous books, both Reggie and Broderick’s pasts have been in shadow and we learn more about those in this book. It is nice to learn their history and see how they came to be the people they currently are.

It was emotionally exhausting to see Broderick and Reggie thread-the-needle to find love, protect Broderick, protect Stephen and deal with the villains.

Definitely a recommended read! Now, to wait for The Bluestocking that will feature Gertrude Killoran and the Mad Marquess. That has to be a hum-dinger!

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