Marquess to a Flame by Emily Windsor

Marquess to a Flame by Emily Windsor

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Title: Marquess to a Flame
Author: Emily Windsor
Genre: Regency Romance
Release Date: 30th January 2019
Length: 74,000 words
Series Name: Rules of the Rogue
Tropes: A rogue with his rules and the heroine that breaks them. Cornwall. Spies. Friendship. Overcoming hurt.
Tone: Warm. Witty. Romantic.
Heat Level: Sensual. Moderate.

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Tracy’s Review

Marquess to a Flame by Emily Windsor

Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Rules of the Rogue, #3

Release Date: January 30, 2019

Jack Winterbourne, the Marquess of Winterbourne is attending Viscount Rainham’s wedding, a marriage he takes full credit for, number 4, if anyone is counting, when Rainham tells him he has a new mission for him. Jack has been working as a spy for Rainham and is known as the “Moth” – much to his dismay. He is a rogue and a rake, his missions usually include seducing information, so he is upset to learn that the woman he must “woo” is an innocent and in Cornwall! But she may hold information that will help them find La Chauve-Souris – The Bat

Tamsyn Penrose survived an attack by La Chauve-Souris 6 years ago and did not speak for almost five years – the attack left her childhood sweetheart dead and her cut and broken. She lived in fear that he would return and kill all those she held dear. Thanks to her loving father, Sir Jago and her dear friend/companion Lowdy, she has finally regained her voice, but she is just a shadow of her former self, she is quiet, wears grey clothing and does her best to blend into the background. When she learns Jack is coming to visit her father, she is suspicious – even in Cornwall she has heard of his exploits and doesn’t believe for a second that he is coming to discuss business. She wonders if he is coming for her, but dismisses the idea after meeting him – he is a fribble!

Jack is a bit stunned by his reaction to Tamsyn, she is lovely, but she is an innocent and he may be a rogue, but he has hard-fast rules – no innocents or married women! He isn’t sure how to proceed, especially when it is clear she doesn’t like him. He is used to women falling over themselves to claim his attention and is at a loss with how to deal with one how doesn’t. Matters are further complicated by his valet (who is also his illegitimate half-brother) who seems to know Tamsyn’s companion Lowdy and possible competition in the form of a suitor for Tamsyn’s affections.

Tamsyn and Jack seem to be complete opposites and she doesn’t like him, but soon she begins to realize that Jack is not all that he seems. She tries her best to wheedle information about his true purpose for visiting, but he manages to evade answering for several days. But while trying to glean her secrets, Jack finds himself sharing his own with her. When she learns the truth about his visit, she shocks him by agreeing to tell him everything that happened. Too long has she lived in fear and she wants to be free again. She shares her story with him and he holds her, encouraged, she shares her with him her final shame. Jack is angry, not at Tamsyn, but at the monster who hurt her, he swears to keep her safe and kisses her. He cares for her, but doesn’t believe that it is in his nature to truly love someone, he is a Winterbourne and they are all rogues, he will only end up breaking her heart and he cares too much to let that happen.

This is a well written, fast paced, complex tale that is both emotional and entertaining. Jack and Tamsyn are both incredibly easy to like and your heart will break as you learn of their pasts, you will laugh with them, cry with them and want to smack them both for being fools, but more than anything, you will love them and root for their HEA. They are complimented by a wonderful cast of secondary characters, who add a lightness to the story and keep our hero and heroine grounded. There is action, secrets, steamy love scenes, cameos from the previous heroes and heroines as well as Lord Byron, a truly evil villain, sword fights, a drunk companion writing hilarious letters, spies, surprises, ogling ladies, a peacock and probably the best declaration scene I have ever read. This book is the third in the series and it can easily be read as a stand-alone title without any problem, but do yourself a favor and read the series in order!
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A winter’s heart…
“Debonair, handsome and with a devil’s smile. How could any woman resist?”

The Marquess of Winterbourne has long been guided by his Rules of the Rogue, but as emissary for the Crown, his next mission will break every single one. Sent to the wilds of Cornwall to beguile secrets from a country miss, the last thing this rogue expects is to unearth his own buried heart.

A taste of spring…
“A rogue and a fribble. How could any woman succumb?”

Miss Tamsyn Penrose remains far from impressed by charming London scoundrel Lord Winterbourne, preferring a wild gallop over the moors to flashing black eyes and fulsome flattery. But as danger lurks and prejudice ebbs, she uncovers a complex man who awakens her hidden strength and arouses her forgotten fire.

Seasons collide…

Desire sparks and passion flares in this Cornish land of cove and tor. Can Tamsyn step from the shadow of her past? And will Jack Winterbourne tear up the rules for a woman who maddens his senses and thaws his heart?

A sensual Regency Romance with warmth and wit, this story also includes a fusty valet with a secondary love story, picnics, swordplay, peacocks and…piskies.

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