Seven Nights with the Scot by Gerri Russell

Seven Nights with a Scot (All The King’s Men, #1)Seven Nights with a Scot by Gerri Russell
Tracy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: All the King’s Men, #1

Release Date: February 21, 2019

Vivian Sinclair is the ward of King James of Scotland and to save her life, he marries her off to his old friend Dugald Campbell. Vivian is a gifted healer and the king believes she will be able to help Dugald. And Dugald will help her, keeping her safe from the witch trials that have reached a frenzied peak. The king doesn’t believe Vivian is a witch, but he knows that her gift of healing and her visons of the future would have her condemned. He knows she is not happy with his decision, but it is the only way he can help her.

Six months later, Vivian’s husband is dying and has called for his son Rupert. Rupert is King James’ “witch hunter” Dugald tells him that Vivian is not a witch – but innocently betrays her by telling Rupert of her visions. Rupert declares her a witch and promises to destroy her once his father passes. Frantic, Vivian tries to escape, she stays with Dugald until he passes and then sneaks out of the castle. She makes her way to the village and has a vision – a child will be killed by a horse – she knows she should keep going, but cannot leave a child to die. She saves the child and is injured in the process.

Quinn Douglas is one of the King’s Elite Guard – he has been sent by his brother to collect Vivian. The king betrothed her to Reid Douglas when he learned Dugald was dying. As Reid is on a mission for the king, he sends his twin and fellow guard to bring Vivian to his castle. Quinn tends to her injuries and tells her of the king’s decree – she is not happy, but knows with Rupert following her, she is safer with Quinn than on her own.

They set off and it soon becomes clear that Vivian is being hunted and they will not be safe until they reach Reid’s home. As they run for their lives, Quinn falls in love with her – but knows that they can never be, she is promised to his brother. Vivian feels the same and when she has several visions, she tries to distance herself from Quinn. But when she has a vision that includes Quinn and the rest of their party being trapped by Rupert, she takes a leap of faith and trusts him with her biggest, most dangerous secret – her ability to see the future.

But even knowing the future might not be enough to save her when Rupert catches them.

This was a very exciting read, with lots of action, suspense, sexual tension and a very evil villain. I enjoyed the fast paced flow of the book, especially the end, when there are several nail-biting moments, unexpected twists and an ending that must be read to be believed. I am not sure if the copy I read is the final version, but there were some minor title errors and a fair bit of modern verbiage – nothing that really detracted from the story, but definitely were not period correct. Even with those small details, I would happily recommend this book and look forward to reading about the rest of the “King’s Men”

*I am voluntarily leaving a review of an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher.*

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