When Love Leads To Scandal by Sophie Barnes

When Love Leads To Scandal (The Townsbridges Book 1)When Love Leads To Scandal by Sophie Barnes

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Townsbridges #1
Publication Date: 2/19/19
Number of Pages: 81

This short novella was a lovely introduction to the Townsbridges. It is a refreshing change because all three of the families involved in the story are loving and supportive from the parents on down. I liked the Townsbridge family but would have liked getting a little better feel for each of the siblings. Charles is heir to Viscount Roxley and he has four siblings — two younger brothers, James and William as well as two sisters, Sarah and Athena. You will absolutely love Athena and she might become your favorite character. I did expect a hint and/or a set-up for the next book to be contained in this book, but I didn’t see it. I also hope Robert gets his eyes opened and a HEA in a future book.

Charles loves his early morning walks in the park. There are few people there at that time and those that are aren’t paying any attention to him. He is startled when he hears a commotion and sees a young lady running toward him yelling, “My bonnet! Please, please, please, stop my bonnet!” Charles takes a slight jog to the left, saves the bonnet and meets the most intriguing young lady. Who is she? He can’t quit thinking about her. A few days later he has the answer to that question. She is the betrothed of his best friend Robert.

I’m not sure what to make of Robert. I have a hard time picturing a man like Charles being best friends with the sort of man Robert appears to be. I certainly can’t picture the kind of loyalty that Charles displays to him. There are hints about the reason Robert behaves as he does and I’ll be excited to see if he gets his own book so that we can maybe understand a little better.

Lady Bethany Andrews is the daughter of an Earl and her mother is American. She’s vivacious, joyful and loves life. She is amazed that she’s managed to become suitably betrothed even before her first season begins. Of course, she owes that to the close confines of a ship as she and her parents return from a family visit to America. But then – she met that intriguing man in the park – too bad she didn’t meet him first because he makes her heart race and her skin tingle. Oh well, too late now. She wasn’t expecting to marry for love.

Bethany and Charles fight their attraction and each is determined that nothing will come of it, but it is so hard when they are constantly thrown together. The tension is palpable and the author does an excellent job of showing their turmoil and resolve not to hurt Robert or cause a scandal.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read, but I would have liked it to be just a little longer so I could get to know the Townsbridges a little better – I didn’t even get a real feel for their ages. I love how loving and loyal they are to each other.

I can certainly recommend it as an excellent read.

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