A Kiss from a Rogue by Elisa Braden

A Kiss from a Rogue (Rescued from Ruin #9)A Kiss from a Rogue by Elisa Braden

Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Rescued from Ruin, #9

Release Date: August 2, 2019

Hannah Gray has been through hell and survived, but she bears the scars of evil, on her body and her soul. Through a lot of tenderness, healing and love, Hannah has decided that she wants a family of her own. Her sister in law Eugenia has conferred with her sisters and have decided that the house party being given by the dowager Marchioness of Wallingham it the perfect place for Hannah to meet her future husband.

Bow Street Runner, Jonas Hawthorne, has been summoned by the dowager to find a stolen trunk and she wants both the trunk and the thief brought to her. The reward for completing this mission is almost everything Jonas has ever wanted and he sets off without a backwards glance.
When he arrives, Lady Wallingham surprises him by insisting he stay at the castle and expects him to interact with her house party guests. He agrees and then sees her – the woman he cannot forget – the woman who will not look at him – the woman who haunts his dreams – the woman who is haughty and cold to him – the woman who will never be his – Hannah Gray.

Hannah is attracted to Jonas, but at the same time she is terrified of him. When she finally admits her feelings and decides that Jonas is the only man she could marry, she asks her brother for advice and when she is not satisfied with his suggestions, she gets more advice from Maureen Huxley. The scene in which she implements their advice is laugh out loud funny and Jonas’ reaction is priceless.

Can two damaged souls find a love that will heal them and make them whole? Or will they let their fears and past hurts steal their happy ever after?

This book was probably the most emotional, as well as one of the darker offerings and certainly one of the steamiest of the series. It is deep, dark, vivid read with scarred characters, tears (yours and theirs), triumphs, betrayals, pain, healing, laughter and the fabulous Lady Wallingham. I would strongly recommend read the series in order and while Ms. Braden gives a lot of background, to truly immerse yourself in this story, you will want to at the very least read the previous book in the series – A Marriage Made in Scandal. I loved this story and am so sad to know this is the final book in the series, but what a series it was! I highly recommend every single installment and cannot wait to see what Ms. Braden offers us next!!

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