Into Thin Eire by Sheri Cobb South

Into Thin Eire: Another John Pickett Mystery (John Pickett Mysteries Book 9)My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: John Pickett Mysteries #9
Publication Date: 9/9/19


I think this is the best one yet – but – I think I say that with each new release. As always, it is impeccably researched and written, with compelling characters, and a change of scenery from the usual locations. I have a list of “mostly right” authors whose books I always reach for first – not just because their writing is good, but because they get the period details correct as well – and this author’s name is at the top of that list.

This book is quite an eventful and stressful one for John and Julia Pickett! John can’t take Julia with him on his new investigation, Julia is kidnapped, and John is offered an opportunity that would be hard to resist – a villain has escaped and is out for revenge. Oh! My! Goodness!

As John Pickett enters Bow Street early one July morning, he’s told that Magistrate Colquhoun needs to see him right away. Bow Street has received a request for two Runners – John (specifically) and another – to investigate a matter of ‘some delicacy’ in Dunbury. They are to travel to Dunbury and contact a man named Edward Gaines Brockton at the Cock and Boar. Colquhoun selects Harry Carson to accompany John. Harry is the bane of John’s existence and John is dismayed but understands the reasoning behind the selection. (I wonder if we’ll be seeing more of Mr. Carson in future books.) Of larger import to John is that he cannot take Julia with him since he’ll be traveling with another Runner.

When John receives word that Julia has been kidnapped, he rapidly collects his nearby brother-in-law and they all set off on a chase across England and Ireland. You’ll find evil, demented villains and brave heroes and heroines – not to mention a totally unexpected last three paragraphs!

Another great book in this series – highly recommend!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.=

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