Murder In Deep Regret by Anne Cleeland

Murder in Deep Regret: Doyle & Acton #11 (The Doyle & Acton Murder Series)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Doyle and Acton #11
Publication Date: 3/2/20
Number of Pages: 248

I just love it when this author dusts off her ‘twisted murder mystery’ brain and sets it to writing another book in the Doyle and Acton series. This story was particularly fun because the omnipotent Acton was actually caught off guard. Usually, he has his finger on the pulse of anyone who is even thinking about committing a crime – much less actually having done so.

A murder, disguised as a suicide, has occurred at St. Michaels Church. The victim is the most famous football (soccer) player there is and everyone is mourning his loss – and wanting answers.

As the investigation goes along, there are more questions than answers, suspects galore, and a motive that nobody can find. The investigation points to an ongoing money laundering scheme – but – that makes no sense because the murder shines the light onto a scheme that wasn’t even on the police radar.

As always, Kathleen Doyle has to puzzle out what her husband, Detective Chief Inspector Acton is up to and either help him or stop him – whichever turns out to be appropriate.

The resolution will surprise you – and leave you wondering what is going to happen next. We had some surprise relationship changes, some exciting news, an exciting, interesting investigation, and a good read.

If you like a murder mystery with a twist, this is a good series to read. I always love each new addition to the series.

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