The Highland Rogue by Amy Jarecki

the highland rogueBarbara’s Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Series: Lords of the Highlands #7
Publication Date: 3/24/20
Number of Pages: 368

This book sucked me in and held me captive from the exciting, heart-pounding opening scene to the last beautifully romantic scene in the epilogue. I couldn’t put it down! I was totally transported to another time and place: I existed on the deserted Hyskeir isle with Kennan and Kivana; I fought pirates along with Kennan; I was panic-stricken and vengeful when Kivana was threatened; and I was triumphant when I returned home with Kennan, Kivana and their crew. Yes, I was there and it was wonderful!

Sir Kennan Cameron, heir to the Laird of the powerful Cameron clan has been a supporting character in several other books in the series and I’m glad to see him in his own book. He is, of course, a large, imposing golden god who also happens to be smart, shrewd, and an excellent captain to his crew. You’ll love Kennan – you won’t be able to help it; you’ll just love him.

Divana Campbell, the daughter of crofters, was always poor – they couldn’t even afford shoes. When she was seventeen, she and her family were dragged from their beds and then dumped on Hyskeir isle. They were left to die – there was no food, no shelter, nothing. Her parents and siblings soon succumbed to smallpox (the reason they were dumped on the island), but miraculously, Divana survived. She managed to survive, all alone, on that island for two years. Until, one day …

The opening scene is so exciting! Kennan and his crew are returning to their homes in Scotland – loaded with treasure. They are less than a day away when the impossible happened. Kennan ended up swimming for his life, fighting sharks, and washing up, half-dead, on a very small isle. As he stumbled ashore, he caught sight of a young woman – digging for clams – as he stumbled to her small shelter and collapsed.

Divana reluctantly tended to Kennan and helped him survive. Kennan began to recover and they told each other the tales of how they came to be on this island from which there was no escape. Kennan, however, was determined to escape and find his revenge – even if he had to swim from the isle to the mainland. He lit signal fire after signal fire until finally, they were rescued. Had they just jumped from the frying pan to the fire? Hmmm… Their adventures had only just begun.

I loved the excitement, the chase, the romance. I loved that the romance felt truly genuine and that it developed as they got to know each other. I also loved that Kennan acted honorably toward Divana – really, really, really tried to do what he thought was the right thing. I was also happy to see that she thwarted him at every turn.

You’ll love Divana as well as Kennan. She is smart, brave, determined – yet she isn’t foolhardy as so many of our historical romance heroines are. Well, she did one foolhardy thing, but – if she hadn’t, we wouldn’t have a story.

I can definitely recommend this fast-paced, well-written, well-plotted and excellently written story. Now, to begin the wait for the next Highland adventure.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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