Breathless at the Wedding by Michelle Willingham, Jerrica Knight-Catania & KC Bateman

Breathless at the Wedding by Michelle Willingham

Tracy’s rating: 3.5/4 of 5 stars

Series: A Summer Wedding at Castle Keyvnor, #3

Release Date: May 22, 2020

More witches, faeries and romance at Castle Keyvnor! However, of the three anthologies, I would say this installment has the least amount of “paranormal/magical” activity.

A Rake of Her Own by Michelle Willingham – 4 stars
– Ariadne Cushing is quiet and shy, she spends most of her time blending into the background, she would like to marry someday, but hopes for love. But her mother has decided that it is time for her to marry and has even selected her groom – Mr. Filmore Wilson. She escapes to the library to be alone to figure out a way out of the betrothal and there she meets Evan Middleton, Viscount Harcourt. She wonders if Evan would consider ruining her – he won’t but since he needs a rich bride to save his family – they strike a bargain. He will help her break the betrothal and she will help him find a rich bride. It is clear that they are attracted and perfect for each other – but without a fat dowry, Evan can’t afford to follow his heart. This was a very sweet story, I was surprised and delighted to find myself liking Ariadne’s fiancé Filmore Wilson and I really hope he finds a lady of his own!

Lady Faye’s Secret Garden by Jerrica Knight-Catania – 3 stars – Braneck Dowlyn is a gardener at Castle Keyvnor and has lived in Bocka Morrow his entire life. Lady Faye Bryant, sister of the Duke of Markham AND the Earl of Somerton has come to for Lady Gwyn’s wedding and learns that her mother has decided to marry her off. She meets Braneck when she is hit by a rock while reading, Braneck kicked the rock and immediately is attracted to her. But Braneck knows she is far above his reach and has been burned by love before. But the heart wants what the heart wants and with the help of a faery, some witches and her rake of a brother – these two may very well find their HEA. Honestly, it was well written and entertaining, but completely improbable and unbelievable.

A Midsummer Night’s Kiss by KC Bateman – 4 stars – Kitty Worth and James Cashell, Viscount Leighton have known each other forever and Kitty has been in love with him for almost that long. But she is convinced that James thinks of her as a younger sister and will never return her feelings so she decides that maybe it is time to move on. James wants Kitty but is wracked with guilt by the death of her brother and his best friend and feels that he has nothing to offer. Titania, Queen of the Fairies sees them and decides to intervene and help them find their HEA. When James learns that Kitty is considering marriage to another man, he knows that he can’t let that happen, if she is going to marry – it will be him! But his interference doesn’t go as planned and Titania will have to step in again to get them back on the road to HEA. This was a well written, cute story, I wish is was a bit longer, but a fun quick read nonetheless!

I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me.

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