Faye’s Sacrifice by Madeline Martin

Faye's Sacrifice (Borderland Rebels, #1)

Faye’s Sacrifice by Madeline Martin

Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Borderland Rebels, #1

Release Date: June 23, 2020

If you loved Madeline Martin’s Borderland Ladies Series and were sad to see it end – You can now rejoice because she has started a new spinoff series featuring Drake Fletcher and his sisters!!!

After the death of her English father, Faye Fletcher learned several hard truths, foremost is that love is not forever and can’t be trusted. She carefully guards her heart and other than her family, she refuses to love anyone. Thanks to her brother Drake, Faye along with her mother and two sisters; Clara and Kinsey now have a good life and a nice home. Life is comfortable but she wants to contribute and as a beautiful woman, she also learned that she can use her “wiles” to benefit her family, she flirts and charms the local merchants into giving her deals. But her comfortable life is shattered when her Scottish grandfather demands that she marry Ewan Sutherland, she refuses and he kidnaps her!

Ewan Sutherland is the chieftain of the Sutherland clan. A widower, he needs an heir and is negotiating a betrothal with Blair of the Gordan clan when the Ross chieftain approaches him and wants him to honor an agreement, he made years ago with Ewan’s father, an agreement that would see Ewan wed to Ross’ granddaughter. He vaguely remembers Faye and recalls being fond of her. He agrees to meet and is shocked when he learns that Faye has run away. He finds her and promises that he will not force her to marry him and will even help return her to her family. But when Ross finds them, he tells Faye she is free to go but threatens to take her kind and gentle sister Clara. Faye will not let that happen and agrees to marry Ewan as long as the Ross promises to leave her sisters alone.

Ewan learns from his cousin Moiré that his first wife, Lara, killed herself because Ewan didn’t love her and he vows to not repeat that mistake! Faye marries Ewan and learns that she enjoys the physical side of marriage – but Ewan wants more, he wants her heart. Faye likes Ewan, but she can’t let herself love him and falls back on her “wiles” to keep her heart safe. But Ewan is hard to resist and she finds herself falling for him. But before they get their HEA they will have to confront not only their own past hurts, but will have survive a shocking betrayal!

This was a well-written, fast paced story with wonderful characters, steamy love scenes, betrayal, misunderstandings, murder, multiple villains, surprising twists and turns and finally a well deserved HEA complete with an epilogue. I thought this was a great start to the series and while Ewan is no James (Anice’s Bargain) Ms. Martin set the bar high because he is an amazing hero and I can’t wait to see where this series goes from here!!

I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me.

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